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9 Questions about the Uighurs

An explanation…

And now…

1. How do you pronounce/spell “Uighur/Uyghur”?

2. Who are the Uighurs?

A young Uighur girl and her classmates. (source)

3. What is the history of the Uighurs before the 20th century?

4. What happened in the 20th century?

5. What happened after the collapse of the Soviet Union?

Look — it’s the most powerful man in the world…and Donald Trump.

6. What is Xi Jinping’s approach to the problem?

7. What is life like for the Uighurs now?

8. What goes on in the “re-education” camps?

Uighur men in a “re-education” concentration camp, date unknown.

9. What happens next?



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