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What Would You Wash Down Our Free Lunch With?

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You are not wrong. We offer a different being.


Do You Believe:

“There’s No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.”

Take as long as you need to consider.

If you do, how did you first encounter this lesson? What do you think ingrained it? What do you usually need to experience to unlearn things that no longer serve you?

Now, consider this…

Is this about the state of the world, or your feelings of maybe helplessness, indifference, or judgment of those who are hungry or those who break bread with them?

Parts of me were very unhappy.

A co-worker who had moved to my hometown from NYC following love suggested I stop being so harsh to people.

I replied, “I only hold other people to the standards I hold myself.”

He suggested, “Maybe you should give yourself a break too.”

I wasn’t ready to hear it then. For some reason, I felt I needed to hold on to my familiar correct and prejudice pieces more than I needed peace of mind and self esteem.

Then, the morning I stared into my eyes in the bathroom mirror of Mom’s triple wide of the day I planned to kill myself, a still but commanding voice stated, “Veronica, you are not a bum.”

There was a tiny moment of pause.

The voice continued, “No one is.”

I changed. I still have bouts of depression and suicidal ideation, but there is also a part of me that maintains fragments of hope.

They are both me, and I would like to share the latter with you today.


Want a free lunch?
Recognize those who fed and loved you into being. There must have been one because you are here. Be grateful even if that person was just you. You matter.

Want another free lunch?
Make one.

Feeding your head and heart is my guide to life.

What is guiding yours? What nutrition do you fill your life?

I prefer the simple and profound over the too complicated to execute or explain, ambiguous, incomplete, dangerous, redundant, unethical, misleading, and too general.

I know I choose to learn from any interaction I wish to uplift me, but my time is precious as is yours.

What do you feed others? What guides you in developing your menu and service?

If they feel right, then remember the possible consequences of attempting to establish expertise and gain influence by sharing advice to an unknown audience.

As you probably know, this method can lead to:

  • Not attracting folx who are ready to pay for further advice
  • Not attracting folx who are ready to take your advice and bring it into action and make success story testimonials.
  • Not attracting people who’ve specialized their knowledge, so they are ready with insight and high level curiosity.

If you have had a different experience, I would love to learn more about your journey and maybe collaborate in the future.

For me, I would be stuck attempting to connect with many people who aren’t ready or don’t really want to share with me or have me share with them.

I want slow, meaningful connection that will go… anywhere, everywhere, surprise, prosperity, creativity, joy, peace.

I want to share what I enjoy, not defend it.

So, I don’t give advice, I build and encourage communities of care of folx who care and need others care to broaden their platforms, increase message or brand influence, and peer support.

I want a community, not a consultant job.

I work and play with other micro, micro influencers who don’t want to change their lives or their world. I choose folx who already do so.

So, instead of offering the typical free workshop, I offer a donation of at least $10.00 USD toward a care group in your community in exchange for meaningful interaction with this piece, and then I share 25% of your financial support of our community to your local care group.

If you want to learn more or have feedback, please email

I look forward to learning what you would like to learn and teach, and see where we go.




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