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How Voice is empowering the elderly

You may think that rapid technological innovation isolates elderly people. Voice changes this. Voice technology doesn’t require a touch screen, or an ability to use an application or website, it’s powered by something innate to all of us — conversation.

Voice is changing technology in a way that hasn’t been seen before. Providing people of all ages the abilities access to complex functionality.

The two leading voice platforms; Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Assistant are used to help with daily tasks around the home. Already in Australia, a combined 76% of smart speaker owners use their devices to control their smart home devices. Voice and conversational AI make it possible for people of different ages and ability to benefit from new technology, enhancing lives.

Reclaiming independence

For the elderly, or people with mobility issues simple tasks can become complex and sometimes unachievable. Voice helps. You can control your TV, alarms, blinds, or locks all through simple voice commands. Voice is helping the elderly reclaim independence, and they are claiming it by finding their voice.

One of the greatest opportunities for brands and health care providers is integrating voice components into existing products. Nursing homes are adopting this technology to give residents a greater sense of independence. In 2010, The Telegraph ran a survey and discovered “More people are afraid of losing their independence in old age and being forced to move into a nursing home than they are of dying.” We can see why voice technology can be used to empower those who feel powerless.

You’re never alone

Companionship is vital to happiness in the later stages of life. When someone loses a partner, loneliness can be debilitating. Amazon and Google’s assistants, provide people with conversational flows to over 100 million unique questions. When companionship can add years to life expectancy, this conversation is friendship and rejuvenation.

Alexa and Google Assistant provide a range of other functionalities that add to life expectancy with senior users. Hands-free calling allows those who may be at risk of falls to instantly reach out to their caregiver with simple voice commands. Whether it’s “call my daughter,” or “call my doctor,” help is never far away.

So what does this mean for brands & organisations?

Brands have a unique opportunity to create branded voice experiences in the homes of their customers. The field is wide open for brands and organisations to come up with creative and functional ways to interact with their users and solve real-life problems. Smart Speakers give a voice to those who may have lost theirs. As smart assistants get smarter, they empower a generation who have previously feared being left behind.

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We are VERSA, Australia’s leading independent voice and digital agency. We design world first products across voice, digital and mobile. We want to make life better.

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We are VERSA, Australia’s leading independent voice and digital agency. We design world first products across voice, digital and mobile.

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