ARIS Global Summit: Co-creating a historic tour of downtown Waukesha with 3rd graders

The teachers worked with their 3rd graders in order to identify their Essential Question (and Common Core Standards) and then set to work in designing their tour within ARIS. Overall, this was a 2 month long project. Students at this 1:1 iPad school used Book Creator in order to curate their work and present it as a YouTube video demonstrating that students:

  • knew what their learning goals were for each task
  • conducted research from at least two online resources
  • compared their research findings on Venn Diagrams
  • reflected on their learning within GoogleDocs
  • compiled glossary of new vocabulary

They had video of a 3rd grader talking about what she enjoyed about working with ARIS. She clearly enjoyed being able “to record my reflections about what I learned.” This is powerful. Think about it.

From a management perspective, one Pro Tip they shared was having an agenda on which they were able to paste map screen shots from ARIS in order to communicate to students where markers were located and to parents where they could anticipate their students going.

A student who accompanied his teachers spoke about the importance of points in motivating his classmates and helping to keep them from getting distracted. He also really liked the variety of communication that ARIS allowed him. “If I didn’t think an exclamation point was quite what I needed, I could record myself describing what I was seeing instead of typing it.” Bam!

To get a few more details, check their listing in the GLS11 Sched page.

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