How Bryan Mathers goes about Visual Thinkery

I had the pleasure of kicking off my 2016 ISTE Convention collaborating on a workshop with Doug Belshaw and W. Ian O'Byrne. A few minutes in, we had the good fortune of being able to unveil the Easter Egg that Bryan Mathers would be watching us live from Scotland and sharing out some of his famed Visual Thinkery.

The initial workshop proposal about designing Digital Badge ecosystems had included Bryan being here in Denver with us but when that not ended up being workable, he was able to remain involved across the globe thanks to Twitter and the Periscope feed.

It was so cool for attendees (and us presenters!) to be able to share an idea and then have it visually fleshed out just a few minutes later by someone on another continent. We even had one attendee who was excited to tweet at Bryan with a request that he help push her own thinking by visually representing what she had just remarked.

Seeing his images appear on our feeds like that made me hungry to know more about his process. Luckily, he had recently shared a post with the screencast below showing us how he works. Check it out:

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