Easy-Peasy Stop-Motion Movie Creation on iPad | Review of Cathy Hunt’s #iste2016 session

Noah Geisel
Jun 28, 2016 · 2 min read

Cathy Hunt is an awesome educator from Australia. Her site, the iPad Art Room, has a ton of great resources for not just creating great art with digital devices but making meaningful creations that impact teaching and learning. For folks interested in some quick resources to help you get jump started right away, definitely check out her Favorite Lessons tab. She’s a polished, passionate, playful and hilarious presenter who got straight to business in her workshop:

This is not a show where you’re going to watch me do things for you. Can we all just be in this place together and just DO IT?

Love this attitude and (is this a pattern in my admiration of ISTE2016 presenters?!?) modeling of risk-taking and embracing vulnerability. Cathy emphasized that it’s important that we educators experience learning the way our students do. She encouraged attendees to embrace a Playful Mindset.

She modeled this playfulness by giving attendees 3 minutes to open the app and start making a movie. She made it clear that she’d help anyone struggling but forced us to stop getting ready, and instead get started (<== my favorite quote from the end of every IDEO Futures podcast). What happened next was over 100 people made their first stop motion movies without any help and in just 180 seconds. People were giggling, oowing, ahhing and emotionally patting themselves on the back. The implicit lesson learned by all at the get go: I can do this!

I can do this. Kind of. Everyone else was way better so please do judge away on my first attempt:)

Something that really electrified the audience was when Cathy then projected her live camera feed and walked around the room and shared out some of the work that her attendees had just created.

“We’re teachers and we love planning. But don’t do the storyboard before you’ve explored the process and learned how to work the tool and consider structures.”

The way that Cathy took us from a basic grasp of how to quickly use the tool to considering structures was by having us make our third video one that would demonstrate understanding us the concept of 1/3. I loved this so much! Attendees in short order went from being enamored with the technology tool for its own sake to practicing how to implement the tool in order to impact teaching and learning by creating a conceptual demonstration of understanding. Powerful stuff that Cathy summed up way better than I ever could:

We so often talk about risk-taking but don’t set the expectations around the learning. I tricked you into coming here to learn about stop motion moviemaking but it was more about this: How do you create a creative environment that goes beyond the screen?

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Verses Education

Going Beyond the Chorus

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