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“Telling Stories Helps Us Imagine New Realities” | Badge Summit Preview with Odelia Younge

She’s here to break down silos and blow your mind.

Author. Organizer. Change Maker.

The 2020 Badge Summit is less than two months away. Between great content, opportunities to connect with other passionate thinkers and doers, and the move to a virtual conference, there’s a lot to be excited about.

But when it comes to reasons to get pumped, this year’s keynote speaker, Odelia Younge, is on a whole other level.

Odelia is the Director of Micro-credentials at Digital Promise, where she has had the opportunity to collaborate with more than 50 organizations to support the development and implementation of their digital badge credential efforts. She graciously met with me for a quick interview about her work and her beliefs:

Watch the full 12 minute interview

Odelia offers an inspirational take on our profound potential to make the world a better place, and shares important thinking about everything from credentialing ecosystems to best practices for implementation, and the research considerations that will help us track and learn about our impact.

Register to join Odelia and dozens of other leaders sharing their stories at the 2020 Badge Summit on the official site: Registration prior to June 1st is just $36 for access to all of the sessions on both days of the virtual conference, including Odelia’s keynote. And if you have awesome work (or epic fails!) to share at Badge Summit, submit your session on the proposal page.



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