Aligning SAM Services and Microsoft Azure Expert MSP Accreditation to Deliver more Value to Customers

William Nelson
Version 1
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3 min readNov 24, 2021


Version 1’s achievement of Microsoft Azure Expert MSP accreditation status helps demonstrate the measurable levels of experience and expertise within Version 1 and the principles and methodology practised during every customer engagement.

The practical application of experience and expertise aligns to the five core pillars of Microsoft’s Azure Well Architectured Framework:

Reliability — The ability of a system to recover from failures and continue to function.

Security — Protecting applications and data from threats.

Cost Optimisation — Managing costs to maximize the value delivered.

Operational Excellence — Operations processes that keep a system running in production.

Performance Efficiency — The ability of a system to adapt to changes in load.

These five pillars form a wholly interdependent and mutually collective set of principles to ensure the sum is greater than the individual parts when designing, delivering and supporting business transforming IT solutions to and for customers.

Delivery based on these pillars provides customers with absolute confidence in the level of service they will receive from Version 1.

As an indirect consequence, attaining Azure Expert MSP naturally helps elevate and promote Version 1’s highly skilled and dedicated Software Asset Management (SAM) practice as a principle, core service component of Version 1’s offering for the delivery, within the Well Architectured Framework, of Cost Optimisation services.

Version 1’s SAM Practice is a long-established, deeply resourced and highly-technical team of software asset management experts, delivering highly complex licensing solutions to customers, helping ensure the fulfilment of licenses, entitlements and agreements are aligned to the needs and objectives of their organisation.

Azure Expert MSP accreditation is not just another badge, but a collection of deliverable benefits made available to Version 1’s customers, including the seamless and non-disruptive migration of Azure services from Enterprise Agreements to Version 1’s CSP platform. These migrations are achieved using the specialist tooling and processes Microsoft only makes available to Azure Expert MSP partners as well as the expert understanding and positioning of the most suitable Microsoft software and licenses.

The transition of Azure to Version 1 for provisioning, first line support and billing, based on a customer’s functional, operational and business requirements, helps to align the range of Version 1’s managed and support services to customers’ needs and adds to Version 1’s ever evolving and striving objective to continue to deliver the highest level and quality of IT solutions and services.

As a Microsoft Azure Expert MSP, Microsoft Direct CSP and experts in Microsoft licensing, we can advise and guide you on the appropriateness of CSP for your business and offer the full CSP lifecycle for optimal cost management and license compliance. Contact us if you have any questions or go to our website for more information.

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William Nelson is a Microsoft SAM Sales Specialist here at Version 1.



William Nelson
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I’ve been successfully selling IT solutions and services for 20 years and now focus on my area of expertise: Microsoft Licensing and Software Asset Management.