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The Importance of Effective Subscription Management with Microsoft CSP
  • The customer is locked into a supplier that may not have the right level of Microsoft software asset management and license expertise and therefore completely misses out on or is late to implement cost and consumption optimisation opportunities.
  • Customers will ‘rollover’ on their annualised cost without questioning their usage and consumption, missing out on any cost reduction opportunities.
  • Organisations end up buying additional licenses for new starts without considering what licenses have been freed up by leavers. The lack of license management in this scenario creates a great deal of unnecessary spending and waste. Inactive users are not being tracked, harvested and repurposed where possible.
  • Poor profiling of requirements where customers buy a particular SKU without knowing the features the product has, whether these features are required or understanding whether an alternative approach can be utilised.
  • There is still a misconception with some customers that ‘cloud eliminates the license noncompliance issue’ — this is not necessarily always the case. We have seen multiple situations where businesses have acquired a blend of subscriptions, and sometimes the features between these subscriptions are not always gated, leading to the scenario where a user with a lower subscription level may gain access to features from a more expensive subscription type.
  • Communication — This is critical to a good relationship between the customer and the CSP partner. A good Account Manager will make sure that their customer is always up to date on product updates and receives frequent reviews and reporting.
  • Understanding Customer Objectives — A good CSP partner will understand their customer’s future technology projects, plans, and business objectives. An effective CSP partner will support their customer plan for change and take licensing into account early on in their project planning, to ensure that they get the best possible return on their software investments.
  • Account Proactivity — Proactivity from your supplier in terms of account reviews, monitoring consumption and license management is key to avoiding unnecessary spending and rollover of license terms without proper examination of costs.

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