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VersoView: 28 days & 2021

Dear VersoView community,

I would like to thank you all for your steadfast support and valuable feedback since our stealth-launch less than one month ago.

In that short time, we have met some important early milestones; we have:

  • Locked our liquidity pool on Uniswap
  • Released our Litepaper and 2021 roadmap
  • Listed on Coingecko and Coin Market Cap
  • Announced our partnership with for the upcoming VersoRewards V1 staking program
  • Started releasing outline information about our tokenomics.

We are very much looking forward to you joining us for our milestones and events in 2021, and I am very happy to announce three AMAs in January:

I do hope you will join us for all three AMAs, as we may well be releasing news at each.

I am very happy to announce the date for the start of our VersoRewards Staking V1 (powered by Ferrum Network). The staking start date will be January 14, and we close staking seven days later, on January 21.

Looking to Q1 2021, I am excited that we will be releasing our white paper with full tokenomics. In the weeks leading up to the publication of the white paper, we will release several articles explaining VersoView, the business case and the role of the VVT token.

And finally, from myself and all the team at VersoView, I wish our amazing community a happy new year, and we look forward to sharing a lot more about VersoView with you all in 2021.

Julian Jordan CEO VersoView

VersoView company information:
VersoView is an engagement and rewards platform hosting branded DeFi economies.

Brands, businesses, educational partners, and publishers can host and engage their communities around their content and reward them with branded Social Tokens within the VersoView ecosystem.

The VersoView founders have over 25 years experience working with some of the world’s largest multinational companies, and in that time, have opened and run eight-figure businesses in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Building a low friction bridge between the traditional business world and blockchain

To change the way we publish, engage and reward.

Be part of the story

Stay tuned and make sure you follow our socials:
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VersoView is the home of PER technology. The future of how we Publish, Engage and Reward

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VersoView is the home of PER technology. The future of how we Publish, Engage and Reward

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