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Introducing The Vertalo Tech Blog: For Developers

We’re excited to announce the new Vertalo Tech, a website that will feature a variety of content, including thought leadership on technology, interesting technical questions, and brain teasers for folks who’d like to prove their mettle and join our engineering team. As Vertalo expands, we want to provide an opportunity for talented developers to prove their worth and join our development team.

Like any tech-based business we work on many problems unique to our shop. We have our own ways of organizing work, approaching problems, designing architecture, implementing code, and maintaining infrastructure. We’d like to share this with you and also invite you to participate. We draw heavily on our past experience in product development, and borrow just as heavily from external ideas that we discover along the way. We believe that “not-invented-here” is a uselessly incurious mindset.

Vertalo Features & Functionality

We’re experts in building teams and slinging code. Our team is small, high-powered, tight-knit, and co-located in Austin, Texas, in an office full of freewheeling communication and challenge. We have a hard time finding developers who can keep up with us. Their senior is our junior. We are seeking motivated developers, who want to be a part of enabling a technology-powered financial revolution.

Do you want to join us? Try out some of the questions we post here in the blog based on what we encounter in our work. Broad and deep skills and strong desire to learn are essential. Answer some of the questions and show us your strengths.




Vertalo connects and enables the security token ecosystem by utilizing blockchain technology to bring cap tables and investor management into the 21st century

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A Connections, Compliance, and Cap Table Platform for Digital Asset Custody, Issuance Platforms, KYC/AML, Broker-Dealers, Exchanges & Investors in the Future

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