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Introducing Vertalo’s Digital Securities Database For Partners & Service Providers | Vertalo Partner Program

It is Vertalo’s pleasure to introduce the Digital Securities Database & Partner Program!

As Vertalo has evolved, we’ve received a high number of requests from clients, partners, and investors for information about our Partners and integrations with third parties & service providers. To help our clients understand available offerings — and save time — we built a database on with information about digital securities service providers. The Vertalo Partner Database is a resource with exclusive content designed to create new business for our Partners by connecting clients to service providers.

In the video below, Dylan Rhodes, Content Marketing at Vertalo, interviews our VP of Systems Integration Kyle Brown. Kyle is responsible for technology integrations with partners and new clients. Kyle works with integrations on every level. In this video, Kyle discusses the following questions:

  • What is the role of partner integrations at Vertalo?
  • What does it mean to integrate with Vertalo?
  • What is the Vertalo API suite and what does it do?
  • How do Vertalo’s APIs enable client-driven customization?
  • How does Vertalo interact with third party apps and software?
  • What kind of integrations are occurring?

Watch the video interview with Dylan Rhodes & Kyle Brown:

“Vertalo is an API-based, fully customizable solution for capital structure management and digital asset tokenization.”

The Vertalo Digital Securities database is focused on being an objective source for partner-provided information, as well as a funnel for new business and relationships across the digital securities ecosystem. The continued growth and maturation of the digital asset industry is an objective of our collaborative efforts with Partners, so we sought to create a database with as many possible qualified players involved in digital assets (absent just a few). We have designed the Vertalo Partner Database with a profile page for each business or service provider in the digital asset industry. New Vertalo Partners are welcome to submit and then can join our database by filling out the Digital Securities Ecosystem Application. Once part of the program, Vertalo Partners can edit and set the information contained on their Partner pages. Our goal is to do an exclusive interview with all of the Service Providers we work with, which lives on the Partner Page as well as the Vertalo Youtube channel.

Learn more about the Vertalo Digital Securities Ecosystem on our Website.

Do you want to join the Vertalo Digital Securities Partner Database? Fill out the application here.

Vertalo Digital Securities Ecosystem



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