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Securrency Partners With Vertalo To Integrate Token Protocols into Vertalo Registry Solution

Vertalo, a liquidity enablement and compliance platform for regulated digital assets, and Securrency, Inc, a provider of financial and regulatory technology products for the tokenized issuance and trading of securities, are excited to announce a collaborative effort to bolster the future of the security token economy.

Vertalo’s Stakeholder Registry platform assists issuers and broker-dealers with communications, compliance, and cap tables to reduce costs and complexity in the issuance and secondary trading of digital assets.

Vertalo will integrate Securrency’s CAT-20 and CAT-721 security token protocols into the Vertalo Registry & Compliance interface to enable broker-dealers, issuers and other digital asset ecosystem participants to work seamlessly with Securrency’s issuance and exchange services. Securrency clients will also have access to Vertalo’s stakeholder registry solution.

Dave Hendricks, Co-founder and CEO of Vertalo, is excited to combine forces with Securrency, and said:

Securrency has identified compliance as a precondition for adoption of digital assets by regulated financial institutions and has pioneered the self-regulating, interoperable Compliance Aware Token known as CAT-20. Its integration with Vertalo’s Registry and compliance service furthers Securrency’s mission to provide issuers, broker-dealers and custody platforms the ability to launch offerings that are repeatable, cost-effective, comply with global regulatory requirements, and meet internal risk management needs.

Vertalo and Securrency will enter into a collaboration agreement that will codify their plans to connect their two platforms. As a result of this integration, Securrency issuer and exchange clients will be able to access Vertalo’s unique Stakeholder Registry system from within their Securrency Accounts. Conversely, when a broker-dealer starts an offering, that BD’s issuer client will be able to choose Securrency as its issuance platform from among any number of Digital Asset infrastructure service providers and utilize Securrency’s CAT-20 security token protocol, eliminating the time-consuming work of manual security token platform integration.

Dan Doney, CEO of Securrency put it like this:

Vertalo has, from its inception, recognized that an emphasis on compliance in the blockchain space is the key to true global liquidity, and their powerful Stakeholder Registry enhances Securrency’s investor onboarding process and are a great complement to CAT-20 tokens. Vertalo is a great partner who shares our core values and emphasis on doing things the right way. We both know that collaboration among the thought and technology leaders in the security token space will lead to best practices and result in rapid and widespread adoption of these important technologies.

Vertalo’s digital asset ecosystem also includes partners like PrimeTrust, OpenFinance, EarlyIQ, and VerifyInvestor. To learn more about how Vertalo delivers on connections, compliance, and cap tables in the security token ecosystem, feel free to schedule a product demo.



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