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Vertalo & Centrifuge Discuss Decentralized Finance, NFTs, and Lending using Tinlake

In this video, Vertalo CEO Dave Hendricks and VP Finance Blake Richman talk to Martin Quensel, Managing Director at Centrifuge. The team at Centrifuge is working with Vertalo on their solutions for blockchain, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The Centrifuge platform allows for data exchange using NFTs and De-Fi, specifically for data exchange representing business documents and issued assets. This technology is being applied to enable non-bank lending activity for borrowers, as well as novel investment opportunities for investors. Watch the full interview below:

Centrifuge is a blockchain platform on which Tinlake was built. Tinlake can produce Ethereum-compatible tokens using the non-fungible token format. This enables on-chain borrowing against real world assets, with the vision of becoming a fully decentralized financing protocol with inter-chain compatibility as pictured below.

Martin discusses valuation of non-fungible tokens, investing and borrowing on blockchain, and connecting digital tokens to real world business assets. These innovations benefit businesses and investors by lowering cost of capital, and enabling unique risk-profile assets and investment strategies through the participation in multiple tranches and multiple asset pools.

Vertalo’s VP of Finance, Blake Richman, who has been leading the charge for Vertalo’s integrations in the developing DeFi industry, connected with Martin through the MakerDAO governance forums. Vertalo, Centrifuge, and a number of other organizations are now collaborating with the MakerDAO community on frameworks for applying these concepts in the Maker ecosystem. Decentralized finance is a promising new frontier for digital assets, allowing them to be used as collateral and more, a topic Blake covered recently in a previous blog post.

For more info about Centrifuge, visit their website at

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