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Vertalo Real Estate Webinar: Clients & Partners Featuring MountX, Gary Brandeis, REI Capital, VRE

This is a recording of the first public VRE Webinar in January 2021 featuring Partners & Clients. In this video we hear from Enrique Suarez with MountX, Gary Brandeis from Real Estate Capital Management, Alan Blair from REI Capital, and Thomas Maira and Jack Piontkowski from DLA Piper. This video is about tokenization of real estate assets on a domestic and global scale, and how it is impacting each panelists business with capital formation, investor onboarding, data management, and ultimately secondary market liquidity. Vertalo Real Estate works with real estate owners and investors to issue digital shares of equity or debt in the tokenization process.

This video covers the basics of blockchain tokenization, private securities markets, investor onboarding/data management, and the future of digital securities markets from real estate and industry professionals. Meet with Alec Beckman to learn more about how Vertalo Real Estate can work with your business. Click To Meet With Alec

The next VRE webinar will be in late Feburary or March 2021, tentatively titled “Anatomy of a Tokenized Real Estate Deal”

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Vertalo connects and enables the security token ecosystem by utilizing blockchain technology to bring cap tables and investor management into the 21st century

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A Connections, Compliance, and Cap Table Platform for Digital Asset Custody, Issuance Platforms, KYC/AML, Broker-Dealers, Exchanges & Investors in the Future

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