Vertcoin Development Update August 15, 2017

What a month! Since our last Development Update a lot has happen in the crypto-space. Our community numbers have EXPLODED, there’s been tons of activity on Reddit and our Slack is growing in double digits every day. We’ve launched some exciting stuff and have plenty more in store. Let’s get into it:

Announcements & Updates

We’re working on TREZOR 2 Support!

SatoshiLabs TREZOR 2

We’re super excited to announce that we’ve been in communication with SatoshiLabs and plan on working closely with them to integrate Vertcoin into the TREZOR 2! We’re still very early in the development process so we don’t have many details to share around timeline just yet, but stay tuned, we’ll update you all as new information becomes available.

Introducing is now live!

We’ve launched a brand new website for creating Paper Wallets, Brain Wallets, and Bulk Wallets. Go check it out today at: A big shout out to Jonny (Slack) for donating the domain to us!

One Click Miner is now in BETA!

Vertcoin One Click Miner Beta Version

After many hours of hard work, we’ve finally released the One Click Miner BETA. We’ve gotten amazing feedback from the community already and continue to improve as fast as we can. The One Click Miner simplifies the mining process down to as little as one click. You’ll be able to connect to a remote p2pool node or even spin one up locally with ease. To download the latest BETA version, join us in Slack and head over to the #oneclick channel. The miner is pinned to the channel.

Vertcoin Slack signup link:

Vertcoin Slack:

Website Redesign

We’ve re-launched with a new and improved look and feel. If haven't already go check it out and let us know what you think!

What’s new

Coin Development

Up Next

  • Re-implementation of Stealth Addresses
  • Vertcoin & Litecoin Atomic Swap
  • Vertcoin iOS Wallet

In Progress

  • Expanded Vertcoin Exchange/Wallet Support
  • One-click Vertcoin Miner (BETA)
  • AMD Optimized GPU Miner (Delayed - currently searching for developer)
  • Development Fund Website


  • Vertcoin Website Redesign
  • New Electrum Landing Page
  • 2nd Vertcoin P2Pool Network

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

  • Reddit: 5,582Members +12%
  • Twitter: 28,585 Followers +2%
  • Slack: 1,548 Members +44%

VTC Development Fund Usage (August 2017)

Donations: 3361.25 VTC (Includes VTC moved from p2pool donation address)

Usage: -4991.04 VTC (Server, Website and Dev Costs)

Balance Difference: -1629.79 VTC

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