Vertcoin Development Update — February 2018

Mar 5, 2018 · 6 min read

February was a month to dig in and reach out. We spoke at conferences, we shared, we debated, we developed, and we showcased our community projects. Stay awhile and listen as we share our monthly accomplishments and short term goals.

New Vertcoin website

The new Vertcoin website is currently under closed beta for the marketing team review and will launch shortly. With the new website we really want to communicate, and show you what drives us here at Vertcoin. The focus of the website is to mainly communicate our core values to the average user while further detailing our plans for the year of 2018.

Under the hood we really just want the best for cryptocurrency ecosystem in all aspects, and the website reflects this core message. On top of this the website provides people who are new to crypto the information they need to get started with Vertcoin, ranging from mining, purchasing or volunteering at Vertcoin.

We will be natively translating the website into over 8+ languages to make the website accessible to people around the world. If you would like to add your language, talk to us on The website will be open sourced on a public github from launch and will allow everyone to contribute to further the development of the Vertcoin website

One-Click Miner

Vertcoins One-Click Miner is persistently updated for ease of use and security. We want to make it the most efficient and easiest to use miner out there. In February:

OCM -Quick fix for new GitHub security that was preventing download/update of miner and p2pool software.

iOS App

Sadly we are still waiting on Apple for this one. Our first submission was denied. Apparently Apple considers the use of open source software spam. We were quick to rebuttal and are hoping for a positive response. Again, we ask that you please prepare offering of food, objects, or the sacrifice of android phone to the divine being(s) of choice to satisfy the entity we know as Apple.

New wallet

Wallet wire frames are still underway, aiming for a clickable demo for community feedback to be delivered by the end of Q1. Desktop user experience designs are reaching their final iteration and mobile conversion of the designs will follow shortly. Once the new website has been released, CryptoPlankton, our web designer, will be moving to focus on wallet UI/UX also.

Exodus Wallet

As per our last update we had a request from Exodus we got the insight block explorer up and running. Now Vertcoin is up and running on the exodus wallet! Just enable it via the settings and you’ll be good to go. On a side note, please don’t mine to this wallet.


Significant progress made on NextMiner this last month. Lyra2 kernel is 95% there, with one final bug to stomp out of the ASM. Performance analysis done on Lyra2rev2 as a whole. Lyra2 is no longer the bottleneck, the OpenCL implementations of Cubehash and Keccak are. An unplanned custom ASM Cubehash kernel was completed and validated in just under 6 hours this weekend. With any luck, we can simply squash the final Lyra2 bug, and provide a custom ASM keccak kernel to meet/exceed performance expectations. The remaining three openCL kernels will be dropped in the future for custom ASM kernels, but the plan of record is to complete such an action after initial release.


The marketing team is now firing on all cylinders. Here is a tease of a few of the projects we have cooking:

St. Patrick’s Day Promotion

Get social show and off your green for prizes!

University Outreach

We believe universities are a hotbed for tech adoption, especially for a grassroots project like Vertcoin. One of our team members has been testing an outreach program at his large university and results have been excellent so far. We plan on rolling this out to schools across the world!

Public Talks, Interviews and Media Outreach

You may have seen the talks and interviews that our team has already participated in. Here are those, plus a couple more that haven’t been released yet:


The team is very adamant on Vertcoin getting on new exchanges. We think that making Vertcoin easier to acquire is going to increase adoption greatly. To help this our goal is to be on 10 new exchanges by the end of the year and we are getting close to our goal. This should give people wiggle room to jump to a different exchanges until atomic swaps become ready for the masses.

The team is still in talks with many exchanges, and if you aren’t aware many make us sign NDA’s so we can’t reveal the terms or details of the contract. You will see what exchanges Vertcoin gets added to as they go live and from an announcement from our official twitter channel. We still haven’t had to spend anything from our exchange listing fund, so that 10,000 VTC donated to the exchange listing fund is still there.

New exchanges for Vertcoin:

Trade By Trade:


Open Bounties

Help Vertcoin get on the Lykke exchange(this is not a vote):

Monthly KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

  • Reddit: members: 34,186 +2.31%
  • Discord: members: 14,523 +1%
  • Twitter: followers: 82,300+2.88%
  • Instagram: followers: 2,918 +12%
  • Facebook: followers: 9,000 +1.27%

VTC Development Fund

Donations : +741.8547668 VTC


Insight Bounty -500

Video Bounty -45 VTC

Wildcard ssl cert -14.01822614

2nd Video Bounty -167

Coming up

  • New multi-platform Lightning based wallet incl. stealth + atomic swaps
  • Vertwallet (temporary iOS wallet)
  • Establishment of the Vertcoin Foundation( In progress!)
  • AMD Miner, built from scratch!
  • New exchange listings
  • New website
  • Trezor support
  • Expanding VertDocs
  • Make LND, Eclair, c-lightning forks for VTC
  • Vertpig updates
  • Vertbase updates

Again we’d like to give a big thanks to all who have helped with the project so far. We love our community and have been amazed at the response to the project. The community will make 2018 the year of Vertcoin by joining any of our social media outlets. Spread the word. Pitch in. After all, we are the people’s coin.

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