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Welcome to what we accomplished last month this month. In this update we are going to try something new. Lately we have been posting weekly and sometimes daily updates in our discord in the #Vertcoin-updates channel, but we understand not everyone wants to read that, so we’ll call this the quick and easy condensed version. Enjoy the new and improved quick read version.

New One Click Miner

Gert-Jaap began work on a new version of Vertcoins One Click miner(OCM). Stop in our discord and let us know how it’s working. The working beta version can be found here. Donate to him to do more work for us full time here.


We received delivery of the test version of the Verthash miner for both windows and Linux. The testing of the miner has been going well. We did an AMA on verthash on reddit.

Vertcoin-Core update

Finishing touches are being made to updating Vertcoin-Core to the latest changes in upstream Bitcoin-Core. Special thanks go to @hwengmgr who has done the lions share of work on merging these changes. He agreed to join our Development Team and continue his contributions to Vertcoin

The Vertcoin foundation

We have had some calls with the IRS to answer questions and provide information for consideration of the 501(c)3 status. Currently we are waiting on the final approval/denial letter from the IRS before we take next step


Vertcoin Talk

Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube, Twitch or DLIVE!

Tune in on YouTube LIVE, Soundcloud, Google Podcast or iTunes for an on-demand recording of the show. You can find the latest here.

Canen interview on Decentralized TV

Talked all things Vertcoin!

Vertcoin is pausing ads on Google Search and Youtube!

We are going to pause the ad campaigns on both platforms until we wrap up all of our campaign tracking work for the new OCM. Once we are ready to go, we will launch the campaigns again with larger daily budgets.

Vertcoin sponsoring of gaming streamers or tournaments!

We want to thank everyone for submitting people over the last two months. We are going to review all submissions this month and pick the best candidates for sponsorship.

Verthash AMA on Reddit

VTC Development Fund

Donations for July:

Marketing & Advertising Fund +131.8 VTC

General Dev Fund VTC +132 VTC

Gert-Jaap Dev work- 14,507 VTC !


Expenditures: 0 VTC

*special thanks to everyone for their generous donations. Pink users on discord are our big donors. Please stop in and thank them!

Links and Resources

How are we doing ?

Vertcoin Blog

Vertcoin Blog


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Vertcoin Development Team

Vertcoin Blog

Vertcoin Blog

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