Vertcoin Development Update October 18, 2017

Announcements & Updates

Ledger Nano S and Ledger Blue support is here!

It’s official, you can now secure your Vertcoin on your Ledger Nano S and Ledger Blue! Download the latest update from the Ledger Manager or buy your Ledger from the official site today!

Vertcoin Electrum TOR Wallet is almost here.

Our Electrum TOR Wallet is almost here. We’re making last minute changes to address compatibility bug with the recently released Ledger Nano S & Ledger Blue Support.

What is the Electrum TOR Wallet?

The TOR wallet is a modified version of our Electrum Wallet, designed to only sync over a TOR connection. To use the wallet you must first download and run the TOR browser. Once TOR browser is running, launch the TOR wallet and it will connect over TOR via proxy (localhost: 5190) You now can enjoy IP privacy when sending and receiving transactions.

Vertcoin and Litecoin team up to perform an Atomic Swap

We successfully completed an on-chain atomic swap with Charlie Lee

Last month we teamed up with Charlie Lee to perform an on-chain Atomic Swap with VTC and LTC. The on chain swap was performed using Decred’s AtomicSwap Utility. Vertcoin support was officially added to the tool recently. While the capability to do on-chain swaps have been around for a while, this swap was significant as sets a precedent and example of coin communities working together to advance technology. We expect this to the first of many swaps to come.

We’re now on Discord

The Vertcoin community has moved to Discord from Slack due to the phishing and spam attacks that have plagued crypto slack teams for the last few months. We made the decision to migrate our community. If you were signed up for our slack team and haven't created your Discord account. Use this link to join us:

Vertcoin Trader — Our new Vertcoin Trading Community

Vertcoin Traders! We have a new community on Reddit, just for you. Introducing r/VertcoinTrader, the first online community dedicated to Vertcoin trading discussion. Join the conversation at toady!

What’s new

New Wallet Update

As we’ve mentioned in our previous update, there’s a new wallet under development. The wallet should be compatible with Desktop, Web and Mobile and you can run it in both full blockchain mode (where you download and verify the blockchain locally), or run it as SPV wallet. On top of that, the goal is to seamlessly integrate Lightning Network into this wallet.

The development team is currently working on the fundamentals of the SPV wallet, building a blockchain indexer from the ground up that is fully compatible with segwit and the new bech32 address formats. We’re also working with the team behind LIT (implementing the Lightning Network) to connect to Vertcoin using this new indexer middleware. This will mean LIT doesn’t have to be connected to a full node, will have instant sync and run on mobile devices.

This technical foundation is being worked on while we’re getting the designs ready for our new wallet. The design briefing for this is ready and will be shared with a new group of designers in the coming weeks, after which we hope to finalize the design before the next development update. Once the design is ready, we’re going to start implementing the wallet in short iterative cycles, where we strive to have a usable end product after each (two week) cycle. We want to share these work-in-progress with the community to allow for a short feedback loop and transparency in our progress. We’ll be sure to reach out to the community once we’re looking for feedback. Not a closed beta group, but everyone’s invited.

Better, Faster, Stronger

Working on a CI (continuous integration) build server for all Vertcoin projects e.g. Core, Electrum, p2pool, vertminer, lit, OCM and our new wallet/indexer. It will automatically pull commits from GitHub and build binaries for each platform we target, as well as run unit tests. We hope this will accelerate the rate at which the developers can release software updates while maintaining strong QA.

Coin Development

Up Next

  • AMD Optimized GPU Miner
  • Re-base core wallet to 0.15
  • TOR Wallet Release
  • Vertcoin iOS Wallet

In Progress

  • NEW Vertcoin wallet
  • Re-implementation of Stealth Addresses
  • Expanded Vertcoin Exchange/Wallet Support
  • One-click Vertcoin Miner (BETA)


  • Vertcoin & Litecoin Atomic Swap
  • Electrum-VTC Update
  • Development Fund Website

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

  • Reddit — r/vertcoin: 10,399 Members + 32.24%
  • Reddit — r/VertcoinTrader: 515 Subscribers NEW!
  • Twitter: 35,762 Followers + 11.8%
  • Discord: 1,858 Members NEW!

VTC Development Fund Usage (September 2017)

Donations: 9494.7 VTC

Usage: -300 VTC (Marketing and Dev Costs)

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