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BD By the Bay

Business Development (BD) By The Bay
  • How will channel partners make money from this partnership? If your product can drive transformational, high margin, competitive, exciting CXO-level services, your product is well-positioned to spark a partner’s interest.
  • How will end customers try and love our product? If making your product open-source makes sense, doing so could be a great avenue for developers to try it out. If partners see your product in the accounts that they’re already in through your seed model, they’re going to want to partner.
  • Can our product round out the partner’s portfolio? Remember that as a young company, you’re at an advantage when it comes to building products. Young companies can innovate quickly and build products faster than anyone else. It takes large companies much more time to build, and they’d rather partner with you than build the product themselves.



Vertex Ventures is a global network of funds, comprised of affiliates in the US, Israel, China, Southeast Asia and India. This is a unique platform our portfolio companies realize by leveraging the combined experience and resources of our global partners.

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Domenic Perri

Partner @ Vertex Ventures | Prior Corp Dev/M&A/BD @ Dropbox, Tesla, Juniper Networks, IBM Security and B2B startups