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VCA Weekly Roundup— December 15th, 2021

Welcome to the VCA Weekly Roundup! 💗 written by Harry Martin

Hello everyone, GM! Welcome to the VerticalCrypto Art Residency Roundup: your weekly summary and source of truth for all things VerticalCrypto: a studio dedicated to blockchain art. 😎

We have just witnessed what has been a very busy start to the month (happy December!). Let’s catch our breath for just a moment and reflect on what has been happening in the VCA space.

So, What Happened Last Week? 🤔

Here’s a quick rundown of everything that has happened in the VCA residency this past week (further details on each item can be found below, under Weekly Roundup):

VerticalCrypto Art Critique #2: Friday, December 3rd and Monday, December 6th. Cohorts I and II.

VerticalCrypto Art VR/AR Class with Sam Arsenault-Brassard: Saturday, December 11th.

VerticalCrypto Art Twitter Spaces AMA: The VCA Residency, Artist Spotlights and an open AMA (insert artists names here). Sunday, December 12th.

What has Micol been up to? 🤫

Micol has been on Fire Lately! 🔥

Returning from Art Basel Miami, Micol spoke with OG Crypto artist Kevin Abosch at Tezos’ ‘Humans + Machines: NFTs and the Ever-Evolving World of Art’ event, December 2nd, 2021. The discussion, ‘Blockchain as a Creative Canvas’, saw Micol and Abosch discuss the blockchain’s profound influence on the artist’s creative practice and interest in technology since 2008.

This is a fascinating conversation, and something you really should listen to if you have the chance. Check it out here!

OneOf Discussions: ‘Hicetnunc: Creators & Community’

Whilst in Miami, Micol represented VerticalCrypto at OneOf’s conference: ‘Hicetnunc: Creators & Community’. This conference, presented at the Super Car Rooms Miami venue, was moderated by Aniko Berman and panellists Felix Yu, Micol and artist Andrea Furtletti. Check out the full programme here.

‘Disrupted: How NFTs are Changing Models and Markets’

Finally, Micol moderated a highly OG panel in the company of Club NFT founder and art historian Jason Bailey, Kate Vass Galerie founder, Kate Vass, and Ryan Roybal, founder of the NFT collective and MyntLab. Their discussion (which was also presented at Tezos’ booth during Art Basel Miami): ‘Disrupted: How NFTs are Changing Models and Markets’.

This was yet another fascinating conversation shared between just a handful of Crypto Art’s most influential forerunners and creators. Watch the discussion here.

What is the eesponse from Residents?👂

Resident artists from Cohorts I and II have engaged in multiple VerticalCrypto Art classes and one-on-one sessions this week, all while keeping an eye on Micol’s activities around the world. Some have even taken to exhibiting their pieces in Miami with Micol, as well as far distant areas of the world! 🌎🌏

Without further ado, let’s see what has been popping at VCA. But first, for those who are not fully aware of what the VerticalCrypto Art Residency is about — a quick, TL;DR reminder:

What is the VerticalCrypto Art Residency? 💭

The VerticalCrypto Art Residency is an experimental education programme which aims to support creative individuals approaching the NFT ecosystem: providing opportunities, guidance and support within the Crypto Art community.

Whilst the Crypto Art and blockchain space is becoming increasingly more complex each day, the abundance of sound educational resources and mentorship provided by the VerticalCrypto Art Residency seeks to nurture healthier relationships in the ecosystem, and an exchange for valuable learnings and collaborations.

The VerticalCrypto Art Residency lasts for six months, being divided into 12 weeks slots over two cohorts of roughly 15–20 artists each.

The VerticalCrypto Art Residency programme consists of an eight week programme covering:


History of Crypto Art, Overview of Marketplaces / Platforms, PoS vs PoW & blockchain 1o1, Tezos dedicated track hosted by Tezos Foundation (including Homebase DAO training), Architecture Track lead by United XYZ in partnership with MOCA, Marketing and promotion, Art Curation and storytelling and Galleries and Museums.

  • Marketing and Promotion within VerticalCrypto Art’s social channels.
  • Access to platforms on Discord and Twitter for meetups, AMAs, news, events and more.
  • A budget to produce and mint NFTs.

Exhibition opportunities:

Invited artists will be able to join IOCA and similar gated platforms (such as Async Art and SuperRare) and exhibit in Museum of Crypto Art’s gallery in Somnium Space.

The VerticalCrypto Art Residency brings together arguably some of the best mentors and experts from within the Web3 ecosystem: figures such as art historian Jason Bailey, meta-architect Untitled XYZ, NFT advisor Fanny Lakoubay, Electric Artefacts co-founder Aleksandra Artmonovskaja and Vastari CEO, Bernadine Bröcker-Wieder, to name just a few. Residents can also consult VCA’s vast library of resources at any time and book one-on-one classes with mentors in-between classes, AMAs and events.

VerticalCrypto Art’s Cohort I: Weekly Roundup 🗣

Cohort I completed their VerticalCrypto Art Residency in October, and have since been heavily engaged in the programme’s resources, events and regular Twitter AMAs.

Putting their skills to the test, Cohort I has revealed several rising Crypto stars and hidden gems upon completing the Residency in October, 2021.

A Few Honorable Mentions 🔔


3D conceptual art and architecture duo, MABLAB, recently exhibited their META series at ‘Metaversal’: a curated display by Fort Gallery present at this year’s Art Basel Miami.

Many congratulations on the gorgeous artworks and immaculate curation, MABLAB! For those who are unaware of Metaversal, you are sorely missing out. Be sure to visit MABLAB’s META series in OnCyber here.

Rose Jackson 🌤️

Textile artist and photographer Rose Jackson has seen an incredible start to the month, exhibiting in the farthest corners of the world at Art Basel Miami and Yongle Auction House’s Autumn 2021 Auction, Beijing.

A huge congratulations from everyone at VCA, Rose — very well deserved indeed, we are so proud of you! 💗

What Classes Took Place Last Week? 📚

On Friday, December 3rd and Monday, December 6th, Harry Martin from LAL Art led VerticalCrypto Art Critique #2 with Cohort I residents Walt Reunamo, Warragwag, Mical Noelson, Will A K and Kalen Iwamoto.

ELLEPHANT Gallery’s XR architect, artist and curator, Sam Arsenault-Brassard, hosted a VR/AR class with Cohort I’s Nedzto, Octavio Irving, Walt Reunamo, Warragwag, Tù.úk’z, Negar K, Christian Hernandez, Fil Brunelli and Murat Atimay.

What is the VerticalCrypto Art Critique? 🎨

The VerticalCrypto Art Critique is a Residency pathway led by LAL Art’s Harry Martin. In traditional and Web3 contexts, critiques are a well-documented method of self-reflection in art practice — receiving feedback from peers and exploring what audiences understand and appreciate about artwork, while learning of what could be improved in the future.

What is the VerticalCrypto Art VR/AR Class? 🤖

The VerticalCrypto Art VR/AR class is a Residency pathway led by Sam Arsenault-Brassard, constituting one of several tracks provided within the second month and post-residency learn stages of the VerticalCrypto Art programme. Sam is an expert in 3D technologies, specialising in BIM, Revit, virtual reality, augmented reality, curation, lighting design and art.

VerticalCrypto Art’s Cohort II: Weekly Roundup 🗣

Cohort II are now in their tenth week of the VerticalCrypto Art Residency programme, fast-approaching their NFT production month! Nothing but exciting times ahead, it seems. But what have they been up to this week?

What progress has been made by the cohort? 💪

Cohort II refined their presentation skills during VerticalCrypto Art Critique #2, discussing new and upcoming artworks, projects and their overall practice within the group. Taking part in the same classes as Cohort I, Felipe Falguerias, Stefan Contiero, Borya Shapsalova, Mical Noelson and Natalie Larrodé enjoyed the casual (yet constructive!) open discourse of the critique.

Cohort Creations 🖼️

Some very interesting creations from Cohort II’s Critique are available for you to collect and/or explore in metaversal spaces right now! Be sure to check out these emerging crypto artists (whilst you still can 😉):

Vitaly Sarenkov: ‘Rabbit Hole’, Hicetnunc

Borya Shapsalova: ‘PIECES OF GARBAGE’, Arium Spaces

Stefan Contiero: ‘Leggenda’

In conclusion… ✨

This has been a very constructive week for everyone in the VerticalCrypto Art ecosystem. Residents, mentors and Micol herself have all contributed to international conversations regarding the NFT market, and an emerging network of practitioners and collectors from around the globe.

Cohorts I and II have engaged in some interesting discussions during Twitter AMAs, reflecting on their own practices and realising fantastic artworks in the meantime. Residency cohorts should be very proud of what they have achieved thus far — and we have yet to even see glimpses of their final creations!

Refresh. What is happening this week in the VerticalCrypto Art residency? 🤷

  • Today, Micol has outlined the events of the final month of the Cohort II’s VerticalCrypto Art Residency: specifically, details of their upcoming auction and exhibition. 🥲 Sad but equally exciting times; let’s wish Cohort II the best of luck!
  • Thursday, December 16th: an exclusive AMA with a special guest and forerunner of the Crypto Art genre. Who could it be? 👀
  • Friday, December 17th: an AMA with early adopter of NFTs and art director, Coldie!

That should do it for this week’s VerticalCrypto Art Residency Roundup! 🙏 Thank you very much for reading — we look forward to seeing you next week!

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