A Five Minute Chat

Ring. Ring. Ring.

This post ends with a favor from us to spend five minutes on the phone so we can learn what you want us to do for you 🙏🏼. If you’re game to chat with us, I’m made my calendar public for you (I’m Ken, the bald guy in Startup Cuba). Pick a time. I’ll call you then.

You can pick a time from the calendar here.

If you’re not quite sure if you want to talk to us, read on. It’s a short post. You can decide at the end. 😎

This is Ken, in case you haven’t seen Startup Cuba. He’s kinda harmless.

We recently launched a new subscription product at Startup Cuba | VERV.tv. It’s pretty cool. The idea is that we’re going to continue to put out videos and stories on social media about Cuba, Puerto Rico and more for free. They’re stories that we believe play an important role in bridging the gap between people, issues and misconceptions.

We want to do more than that though; We want to introduce you to the experts that know their stuff. We want to show you in-depth interviews, beyond just two minutes. We want to throw events. And, we want to do more.

Zuzy Martin Lynch, Filmmaker behind Craving Cuba was one of our recent guests.

The thing is… Well, the two things are…

  1. To give you exactly what you want, we need to talk to you and ask you what that is.
  2. Doing this, and keeping the lights on here, costs money. Sponsors are amazing for some of our series (we’re reaching > 750k people a month now!), but this program is specifically for you. So, that’s where the subscription comes in.

It’s not a lot of money. If everyone chips in at $8/month, we’re in business. And, we’re in business for you — telling the stories that matter to our audience.

I’m sold. I want to help. I don’t want to talk to you. Just sign me up!

On approach into Havana, Cuba.

See where we’re going with all this? We want to talk to you. We want to know exactly what you want us to do for you. We want to ask you, “qué quieres?” And, we want to know if you think $8/month is fair, and worth it all.

And then we want to deliver.

Okay, now I get it. I’ll pick a time to chat, here.

That’s basically it. We want to talk to you.