How a multi-platinum American singer-songwriter found inspiration from Cuba

While creating a dream for herself.

Tamara Park
Jun 22, 2018 · 2 min read

Havana has been a magnet for musicians for quite sometime — from the days of Frank Sinatra to more recently the Rolling Stones, Beyonce and Diplo singers and have to Cuba for intrigue and inspiration. Amongst these musicians, recently multi-platinum American singer-songwriter DAWN came…and she says she’ll never be the same.

In the midst of her hectic schedule of shooting music videos, performing across the globe and recording new songs, I spoke with DAWN about her recent trip to Cuba. Here’s what she had to day:

“What I’ve learned about Cuba is the possibilities are endless. What I love about the Cuban people is that they figure out a way to use innovation and passion to create opportunities for themselves…whether its art, whether its music, whether its entrepreneurship, where they build their own companies, restaurants.”

“They have managed to create a place and space for themselves that works for them and keeps their culture alive and thriving. And I love that!”

“I felt like that even though the American dream was something new to them, they seem to already understand the idea of the American dream because they’ve made it a Cuban dream.”

“They’ve created a Cuban dream for themselves. And it’s absolutely beautiful to be in their space and experience it.”

You can find DAWN in all the typical social media hotspots, including SoundCloud.

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An unapologetic POV to the Latino stories that others are not telling.

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An unapologetic POV to the Latino stories that others are not telling.