What’s the one thing you wish Americans knew about Cuba?

Tamara Park
Jul 24, 2018 · 2 min read

VERV.tv is doing a series asking Cubans what they Americans knew about their country. We begin asking our friend, Rodolfo Davalos, a thirty-something from Havana who recently emigrated to the United States. He’s dedicated his career to helping entrepreneurs back in Cuba get the funding and resources they need to succeed.

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Rodolfo has supports entrepreneurs in Cuba and maintains a link for them between Cuba and the US.

Here’s what Rodolfo told our VERV.tv crew:

“We Cubans love the United States. We admire its culture, and we appreciate all the talent and progress that society and the North American system has brought to humanity.

The Cuban people are friends of United States — always have been, and always will be. The Cubans emigrants are living in the US appreciate that they have welcomed us.

Most of us, regardless of the reasons why we have emigrated, we find in the United States the opportunity to rebuild our lives and build happiness.

Cuba — despite having been 30 years under Soviet influence — loves the American culture, art, science, and sports. We know their songs, their artists, and we learn from their technological and scientific advances.

Cubans want more exchanges with the United States, and we hope that the United States will also open up to Cuba and learn about us, about our culture and traditions. I believe that the best way to do so is visiting us in Cuba.”

If you’d like to connect with Rodolfo Davalos and learn about the significant work he is doing with entrepreneurs in Cuba you can find him here.


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