When researching for our #MyBloodyGalentine campaign — we stumbled upon a picture that inspired our newest campaign… #MaxiFacts.

The photo was of a menstruation fact printed on a maxi-pad that was then posted to a telephone pole. During a branding meeting we came up with a guerilla marketing campaign. The campaign would look something like this:

1/ Research and gather our favourite and most jaw-dropping period facts…

2/ Purchase some pads — duh!

3/ DIY art & crafts project commences — by which you print out the facts, cut them to maxi pad shape and tape the quotes to the maxi…

4/ Call up your most fierce female friends

5/ Have a smoke, chug a can of gin & tonic or scarf a sausage roll…whatever your fancy

6/ Ring our favourite pink taxi driving babe ~ Jacki

7/ Map out your posting grounds… and get yo’ maxi-fact tag on!

The first #MaxiFact excursion consisted of Kings Road and a famous statue (of a man of course), A luxury boutique — favorite designer of ours — ahem — GUCCI… And a very well known department store that we’ll leave unnamed — just to keep some somethings sacred ;)

Our last maxi-fact outing was pretty f’ing epic… The men’s bathroom of a well known men’s club during a break between shows at London Fashion Week! We might have snuck into the mens toilet and posted it on a urinal. #SorryNotSorry

Proof below…

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Article by Erin Whiteley