Like Turner Classic Movies for Dads

The podcast is meant to appeal to dads in general, but especially dads who tell dad jokes, dads who drink coffee from “World’s Best Dad” mugs, dads who wear the ridiculous ties their kids give them for Father’s Day, dads who have no taste in movies, dads who have some taste in movies, dads who think Rodney Dangerfield is the greatest actor who ever lived, dads who laugh at that scene in Animal House where Bluto blows food out of his mouth and says he’s a zit, and, yeah, the list goes on…

But since this podcast is essentially going to be one big joke that anyone (dad or not) can enjoy, we want everyone to listen (because who doesn’t like to make jokes about their dad’s taste in everything?)!

Hosts: Maggie Blaha & Will Young 
Producer & Tech Stuff: Josh Pate 
Logo Design: Aaron Scott Mercer,
Music: Kim Fenner, Fenner Music