What is Graphic Recording? What do Graphic Recorders do?

A ongoing curation of written definitions (sans graphics)

“I use colours, letters and pictures to help people understand things.
— @deanvipond

Visual Practitioners “use visual methods to assist learning and communication between groups and individuals.”
International Forum of Visual Practitioners (IFVP), which I am a proud member of

A Graphic Facilitator “supports groups with live translation of content and dynamics into visual, tangible formats to aid with reflection and decision-making.” — Kelvy Bird, graphic facilitator and co-founder of dpict llc

“Graphic Recording is the translation of conversations into images and text on large sheets of paper during meetings and events.”
— Tanya Gadsby explains it in her Youtube video

Note: There are people who graphic record digitally too, like this one:

Yours Truly graphic recorded the above

Graphic recording (also referred to as reflective graphics, graphic listening, etc.) involves capturing people’s ideas and expressions — in words, images and color — as they are being spoken in the moment.”
The World Cafe also says graphic recording is “a perfect tool for bridging the world of visual thinking and the World Café, for it helps to illuminate how we as people connect, contribute, learn and make meaning together.”

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