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Attention, Marines! Vesper Launches vLINK Pool in Beta April 2.

As some observant Vespernauts noted in the Github, the next pool coming to Vesper is “vLINK”. LINK holders can prepare to participate in the vLINK pool starting April 2.

Due to a level of demand that only LINK enthusiasts and fellow travelers can muster, a conservative Vesper Grow strategy for LINK will be the first expansionary pool beyond the original offerings. This will be available on the Vesper Beta page at

Vesper Beta is the place where Vesper launches new pools. In order to graduate vLINK to Vesper’s main page, vVSP holders must track the pool activity and vote in favor of passing vLINK through. They can additionally vote to boost the pool with DAO reserves in a similar manner to vETH/vUSDC/vWBTC, if they so choose. When the time comes, votes will take place on and use vVSP as voting weight.

The vLINK pool operates in a way similar to some strategies currently in place. Vesper routes LINK through Maker in order to take out a DAI loan. That DAI is then sent through Vesper’s own vDAI pool to be deployed according to best-strategy-available per the outline of the vDAI strategy.

Beyond vLINK, the team has plans to support a number of additional assets for pools as well as introduce an aggressive set of strategies featuring higher yield than their conservative counterparts. (To start, this likely takes the form of DAI loans from Maker to Curve rather than Aave).

Vesper additionally invites the community to propose their own strategies and new assets for consideration. If you have a great idea for a high yield vLINK strategy or another exciting asset to deploy, be sure to check in to the #dev-general channel in Discord.



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