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ATTN: Marines! Vesper Earn Grows and Transforms Your LINK

Vesper Earn allows users to deposit LINK and earn yield in DAI (and vice-versa). Plus, a new LINK Aggressive Grow pool.

LINK, Meet Vesper Earn

Vesper Earn enables users to deposit one type of digital asset and earn yield in another. Starting today, users can deposit LINK and earn yield in DAI (and vice versa).

This opens up a number of possibilities including:

Grow Your LINK Stack

For more conventional yield, users can deposit their LINK into Vesper Grow. Starting today, an Aggressive LINK Grow pool (vaLINK) joins the Conservative option which launched last April.

Aggressive pools maintain Vesper’s rigorous testing and audit standards, but adhere to lower collateralization ratios and interact with newer and more adventurous protocols. They are designed for more comfortable DeFi proponents and generally trend toward a higher APY.

vaLINK depositors will earn an additional 1,200 VSP for the first 30 days. Vesper Earn LINK pools will receive 600 VSP each. Further rewards are subject to the Vesper emissions framework.

Vesper Earn Literally Transforms Your Yield

The Vesper Earn LINK pools join the lineup of other deposit/yield pairs:

Learn More

Want to learn more about Vesper pools? Head to the documentation site for more information and join the conversation on Discord.



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