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Aug. 9 — UNI and USDT Pools Emerge from Beta

With the audits completed, and a successful mainnet testing, the UNI and USDT Vesper Grow Pools are ready to go into production on the main Vesper app.

Starting Monday, August 9th (time TBD), users will be able to access the conservative UNI and USDT pools on Existing depositors to UNI and USDT on will see their balances automatically populate on the main platform — no action required.

Per the ongoing Treasury v2 discussions, UNI and USDT will be incorporated into the global VSP emissions, with a pool weight of three (out of a maximum five). Both UNI and USDT will each receive a 5,000 VSP per week in rewards until the revenue upgrades go to production.

Users can deposit to the vesperdev site now in order to begin earning rewards immediately when they go live on the main app.

Currently, UNI and USDT are drawing APY from Compound and Aave. Anticipate that UNI will behave similarly to LINK — routing through Maker and the vDAI pool, while USDT likely mirrors strategies in place for USDC. This is due to the modular nature of Vesper strategies, all pools can tap in to the same yield sources, and like-assets tend to display similar yield opportunities.

Given recent headway in aggressive strategy deployment, it’s also expected that aggressive pools for UNI and USDT will be deployed in the near future (alongside aggressive deployments for other current pools).

Over time, these assets will also be encompassed in Vesper Earn’s “programmable yield” pools where users deposit one asset and earn daily yield in another.

To join the discussion about building out new strategies, supporting additional tokens, and creating new pools, make sure to tap into the Developer channel on Discord.



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