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Coming Soon: The First Vesper Improvement Proposal (VIP) Votes

Ultimately, Vesper aspires to become a DAO ecosystem that is entirely owned and operated by token holders. This first batch of Vesper Improvement Proposals (VIPs) is an important step towards that future.

Decentralized governance is very difficult to achieve properly, and potentially disastrous if done wrong. As such, Vesper’s approach is an iterative process, gradually assigning more and more control and responsibilities to the token holders and community until the team’s administrative privileges are barely different from that of any other community member.

Initially, we’re kicking off decentralized governance through voting on Voting weight is denoted by vVSP balance. There is a pre-voting process to submit proposals following the VIP template. VIPs are catalogued on Github. You’ll notice that the first two inaugural VIPs are drafted and published to the Github repository.

The First Vesper Improvement Proposals

Currently, there are two VIPs drafted and awaiting voting. The first seeks to formalize an “Operations Communications” (OpComm) 2-of-n multisig. This OpComm wallet will act as a fund for one-off payments and contracts for the betterment of the Vesper ecosystem. Membership will initially comprise some Vesper team members and reputable individuals in the community and throughout the broader DeFi space.

Beyond introduction-by-vote, the creation of this wallet additionally builds towards a DAO future by fragmenting responsibilities and permissions so as to better fractionalize administrative roles to the broader community. More information about the OpComm wallet can be found in our documentation. Look forward to further detail on this tomorrow, Thursday, April 8.

The second seeks to approve the graduation of the newly launched beta vLINK pool to the main Vesper suite of Grow pools.

More information on the processes and parameters following VIP drafting and the voting procedure can be found throughout the Governance section of our Gitbook. Beyond that, community members are encouraged to participate in conversation surrounding continued Vesper development and decentralized governance buildout in the Discord.




Vesper is a platform for easy-to-use DeFi products.

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Vesper Finance

Vesper Finance

Vesper is a platform for easy-to-use DeFi products.

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