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LINK Pool Launches, Blockforce Pitches Proposal, Vote on UNI/USDT Pool Goes Live

Also: Vesper works with Chainlink on advanced TVL reporting, CREAM vote carries, and Jeff Garzik on the roadmap.

LINK Vesper Grow Pool Launches

This week was filled with exciting news from within the Chainlink orbit. Two important announcements, actually.

The first turned out to be one of crypto’s worst-kept secrets within that 24-hour period — the graduation of the vLINK pool to the main Vesper page on April 29.

The imminent launch was caught by one eagle-eyed Vespernaut who monitored the Vesperfi Github:

Quick facts:

  • The pool reached 100 deposits after four and a half hours, collecting around 2 million LINK, worth about $72 million.
  • 24 hours later, the pool reached a total of over 150 deposits, totaling more than 3.4 million LINK, or about $125 million at the time.

Fast forward to the end of the week at press time, and there are 179 LINK depositors bringing $153 million in TVL, breaking down thusly:

  • 27 people have over $100k (2,600LINK)
  • 17 people have over $250k (6,500 LINK)
  • 8 people have over $500k (13,000 LINK)
  • 6 people have over $1M (26,000 LINK)

You can check all the above and more details in one of our Dune dashboards, made specifically for this event.

Vesper and Chainlink Collaborating on TVL Oracles

While the launch of the vLINK pool may not have been a big community surprise, there did happen to be a piece of Chainlink news yesterday that we’re confident the community didn’t know. Vesper is working with Chainlink to build an oracle for TVL calculations in the Vesper App.

TVL, properly calculated, is no mere arithmetic. It matters where the data comes from, how many sources you use, and how those sources are evaluated and normalized.

As explained on Medium:

Every DeFi platform’s calculation of TVL is unique to that platform. Often, this takes the form of retrieving price data from a single source or very few. This may result in a less-accurate representation of a digital asset’s price at a particular point in time.

Chainlink Data Feeds have been aggregated from hundreds of exchanges, weighted by volume, cleaned of outliers/washtrading, and kept highly available.


The vote for the Blockforce grant proposal, featured last week, is currently underway. If you missed the news, Blockforce Capital (a multi-strategy hedge fund) has made a proposal for collaboration with Vesper as a means of creating a new fund offering for accredited investor clients — with Vespernauts retaining 25% of the fund’s net revenues.

Blockforce CEO Eric Ervin sat in with the Vesper Founders and team on Thursday night for Community Zoom Call to go over the proposal, and field questions from the community.

Why Vesper? Eric explains:

Overall, the proposal has been very well received by the community. Early voting looks like the proposal will pass. Please be sure to get involved and vote. Anyone holding vVSP at the time of the snapshot is eligible to participate.

“Wen Roadmap?”

One of the most common questions that our community has asked since launch was when Vesper would be releasing a roadmap with specific target dates.

Since before beta began, the Vesper homepage has always shown what is coming next, however, the team has never set target dates for each project.

Vesper chief designer Jeff Garzik detailed this rationale while giving some insight into what the future for Vesper looks like. Absolutely vital reading for the Vespernaut community and DeFi enthusiasts.

Vote Proposal for UNI / USDT

Within a couple hours of the vLINK pool launch, Vesper communications and marketing lead Phil Gomes dropped the news that (assuming community approval), UNI (Uniswap) and USDT (Tether) could be the next pools introduced to Vesper Grow ecosystem.

UNI and USDT are both Top 25 ERC-20 projects, so it makes sense that they would be the next two pools for the platform to focus on.

If you hold vVSP, do not miss out on this vote. It is happening now!

CREAM Vote Passes

The Cream Vote concluded this week. Not only did the voting finish with over 55,000 votes, it was 100% unanimous that VSP and vVSP should be listed on Cream Finance as collateral assets. (One of the most famous wallets in DeFi participated in this vote.)

This affirmative result will open up a world of opportunities for Vesper with future Vesper Grow pools, as once listed we will be able to lend or borrow against two of our native tokens.

Video Review

Crypto Kavian reviews Vesper in this quick video:

Odds and Ends

Finally, from our always-creative Vespernauts:


Keep up with Vesper on:


Vespernauts Michael, Simon C., Holland, and crypt0keepah contributed to this report.



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