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Metronome + Vesper = Gateway to Synthetic Assets

Deploying Metronome as a synthetics platform delivers numerous advantages for Vesper

Synth for Vesper Users

At launch, Vesper users can post their existing Vesper positions (vaETH, vaUSDC, and vaFRAX) as collateral assets on Metronome Synth to mint the synthetic assets. This enables Vesper users to partake in directional trading, zero-slippage synthetic swaps, and gain access to previously non-accessible tokens (such as non-EVM tokens). Additionally, Vesper users can perform heightened yield farming strategies by deploying synthetic assets to earn yield through LPing or otherwise.

What’s Next for Vesper

The Vesper team remains focused as the best DeFi middleware yield engine. This means more strategies, assets, networks, and yield. Our upcoming developments include:

  • Euler (Deposit, Borrow)
  • Stargate LP
  • Already-productive assets like LP positions and governance tokens
  • Vesper deployment to BNB Chain. Beta has already kicked off.
  • Finalization of Vesper lockup scheme. Engineering is working through the final quirks regarding how locked positions participate in governance.

Get Involved

Vesper and Metronome present a strong synergy through Bloq DeFi to provide a first-of-its-kind to provide an innovative product to both communities and the DeFi space. We see a lot of potential benefits for our users and plan to share more in the following weeks about developments within the Metronome Synth platform.



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