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NEW VIP — VSP Emissions Overhaul

Voting begins Wednesday, Jan. 12 on Vesper’s Snapshot page

Below is an overview of a new Vesper Improvement Proposal (VIP) that proposes restructuring VSP emissions to better-support the platform’s growth and long-term profitability. The 72-hour voting window will open Wednesday, Jan. 12, 2:00 p.m. U.S. Pacific Time on Snapshot.

See the full proposal (VIP-17) and join the discussion in Vesper’s Governance Forum.


Vesper’s current emissions framework assigns boosting weight to all pools, VIP-17 proposes a new scaling emissions framework providing a more sustainable, predictable emissions budget to boost new pools and reward top performing pools.

A Look Back at Vesper Emissions

Initially, VSP emissions were a means of broadly distributing the governance token for the ecosystem. Now that most of the VSP supply is circulating, emissions goals should emphasize the most efficient and effective mechanism to reward productive activity.

VIP-17 By-the-Numbers

VIP-17 proposes an emissions restructuring that:

  1. Provides VSP emissions to top-performing pools
  2. Cements a predictable, future-forward budget as more pools and chains are incorporated
  3. Encourages participation in new pools

Instead of boosting every pool, the proposal recommends the weights as described below.

Existing Pools

Ethereum Pools

A 12,500 split between the top-eight performing pools. Scoring determined as the highest revenue-generating pools [30-day average APY * spot TVL]) — broken out as follows:

  • 2,500 VSP each for the top pool (#1)
  • 2,000 VSP each for the next 2 pools (#’s 2–3)
  • 1,200 VSP each for the next 5 pools (#’s 4–8)

Non-Ethereum Chains

Up-to 5,000 VSP total budgeted per month to boost top pools on non-Ethereum chains.

New Pools and Collaborations

Up to 10,000 VSP per cycle is budgeted to boosting new pools and boosting with collaborators. Exact metrics for each new pool and partner to be determined, but never in excess of 10,000 VSP per month total.

Cross-ecosystem Collaboration

Beyond the 10,000 VSP budget for boosting new pools and partners, communities looking to co-boost Vesper pools can receive additional emissions through VSP replenishment and partnership earmarks outlined in the new Treasury Split 2 VIP.

Again, vVSP holders can vote via Snapshot and discuss the proposal on the governance board.



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