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Now Live — Boosted mUSD Pool on Vesper Orbit!

Access new mUSD yield opportunities, without the extra effort

Vesper is focused on collaborating across the DeFi ecosystem to create new opportunities for DeFi protocols and their users. Thanks to a joint effort between Vesper and mStable — an autonomous and non-custodial infrastructure for pegged-value crypto assets — users can deposit mUSD into Vesper Orbit and earn rewards in mUSD, VSP, and MTA (mStable’s native token).

Save on Gas, Earn More Rewards

Originally proposed by Vesper and passed by the mStable community, the collaboration enables users to access yield opportunities without high gas costs or active management. The additional VSP and MTA rewards make the mUSD Orbit pool a worthwhile yield opportunity that requires minimal effort.

The new pool also delivers increased exposure for mStable, further incentivizes DeFi participants to hold mUSD, and continues to attract new TVL to mStable’s treasury with Vesper as an onramp.

How to Start Earning

The mUSD Orbit pool delivers a similar user experience to other Vesper Orbit pools. Simply deposit mUSD into Vesper Orbit to start earning yield, with the added bonus of VSP and MTA rewards.

The mUSD rewards are auto-compounded; the additional VSP and MTA rewards can be redeemed through the mUSD Orbit pool page. MTA reward amounts are determined based on MTA voting, whereas VSP rewards are distributed per the recently enacted budget framework.

MTA voting takes place on a weekly basis. Vesper’s mUSD Orbit pool is available starting this week, so MTA rewards will begin streaming next week.

The mUSD Orbit pool carries a 20% performance fee on yield earned and a 0.6% withdrawal fee.

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