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Now Live — Passively Earn a CryptoPunk Over Time with Vesper Earn

Simply deposit DAI to accumulate yield in fractionalized punk (PUNK)

Interested in joining the world of CryptoPunks but don’t know where to begin? With a record-breaking 8,000 ETH Punk sale a few months ago, you’re not the only one. On the bright side, you can now gradually earn your way to your very own Punk with Vesper Earn!

Vesper Earn’s new DAI-to-PUNK pair enables users to deposit DAI and earn yield in the form of fractionalized punk (PUNK). As yield is accumulated, users can use their PUNK to purchase the real thing. As for the DAI, users can withdraw that at any time they’d like. What’s not to love?

This Earn pair joins a number of other options available on both Ethereum and Polygon. Vesper is continuously adding to the list to provide users with increased choice for how they earn yield.

Sound interesting? Check out the pool for yourself and join the conversation on Discord!



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