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Now Live: Start Earning Yield on Your ApeCoin!

Introducing an easy-to-use, well-tested way to grow your ApeCoin holdings

Vesper is focused on building the next-gen products that the DeFi community wants and needs. This includes supporting new, high-demand assets, like ApeCoin. Just weeks after the token’s release, Vesper launched a new way for users to passively grow their ApeCoin holdings with Vesper Orbit.

ApeCoin HODL’ers 🤝 Vesper Orbit

Vesper Orbit delivers access to high-potential yield opportunities for up-and-coming tokens, combined with the simple-to-use experience and rigorous safety and audit standards that Vesper is known for.

Getting started on Vesper Orbit is easy: Deposit your ApeCoin into the Orbit app to passively earn more ApeCoin in the form of auto-compounded yield plus rewards in Vesper’s native token, VSP.

Learn more about Vesper Orbit.

Bridging DeFi Communities

This is no doubt the beginning of an exciting chapter for ApeCoin, its DAO — ApeCoinDAO — and the larger community. Vesper is excited to support ApeCoin holders with its new Orbit pool: It enables them to put DeFi to work for their assets and creates connectivity between both communities.

Creating interconnectedness throughout the DeFi ecosystem is a guiding principle for Vesper. By building bridges, we can ultimately deliver greater value to users. That’s why Vesper Orbit was created, with a co-boosted mStable mUSD pool rounding out another recent addition to the app.

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