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The Vesper Case for CREAM

The Vesper team has published its proposal for the integration of VSP and vVSP as assets on the CREAM platform.

A Little Bit About Vesper

In short, Vesper is dedicated to making DeFi easy-to-use, combining the benefits of a professional approach with the inherent advantages of DeFi.

The market responded well to the Vesper launch, trusting Vesper with more than $1 billion in Total Value Locked within the first six weeks. (As of this writing, that number is over $1.5 billion.)

VSP is the native currency of the Vesper ecosystem. vVSP is tokenized ownership of the governance vault that votes on Vesper proposals and shares revenue in the form of VSP buybacks (similar to xSushi and stAAVE).

Vesper routes user deposits of major crypto-assets — currently ETH, WBTC, USDC, LINK, and VSP — across various DeFi protocols to generate yield. Over time, the project seeks to expand the number of strategies and platforms integrated as well as supported deposit assets — thus this proposal.

Why Vote “Yes” to VSP

A “yes” vote to Vesper’s proposal enables the following:

  • Introduces CREAM as a source of yield to the ever-growing Vesper ecosystem.
  • Establishes additional synergy between Vesper and CREAM to push more assets through the proposal process and create more strategies that route through CREAM.
  • Increases net deposits across both ecosystems, and more acutely, significant uptick in volume on both lending and borrowing.

Vesper: A DeFi Blue Chip

Finally, to help round out the case for Vesper, here is further detail on what makes Vesper unique.

Vesper features:

Media, influencers, and the crypto community writ-large have recognized the value of Vesper’s approach. A sample:

  • Forbes, “Software Hasn’t Eaten Wall Street Yet. But Ethereum And DeFi Might Be About To”
  • BlockWorks, “Easy Platforms Key for Institutional DeFi Adoption”
  • CoinDesk, “Bloq Launches Vesper DeFi Project”

In summary, a relationship between Vesper and CREAM can manifest as a new CREAM pool on Vesper, which we very much look forward to developing and launching in the near future. In the meantime, please feel free to review our documentation and get to know Vesper on Twitter, Telegram, and especially Discord.



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