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This Week: Coinbase Announces Custody Support For VSP

Also: Frax-FraxBP Vesper Earn Pool, Thor Financial Goes Vesper AVAX, and More on Frax Bribes…

Coinbase Announces Custody Support for VSP

Just before press time on Friday September 16th, Coinbase Assets announced that it is adding custody support for VSP (Vesper’s Governance Token), along with 19 other digital assets.

Coinbase made the announcement on Twitter. Read the entire thread.

Frax-FraxBP Earn Pool Nears Launch

The Frax-FraxBP Earn Pool is planned to launch the week of September 19th. This pool is a first-of-its-kind product offering, where users can deposit FRAX and earn FraxBP (Frax Base Pool). (FraxBP is a LP position on Saddle Finance.)

The FRAX-FraxBP is currently live for testing on Vesper’s Beta App

Thor Financial to Incorporate Vesper’s AVAX Pools

Thor Financial announced this week that they are developing access to Vesper’s AVAX products through the front end of their DeFi app. Essentially, Thor users will be able to deposit into Vesper pools through the Thor website, and the Thor team will be able to boost the earnings for their users with their native token.

This is the first time that Vesper’s front end has been decentralized, and the Thor team will also participate in Vesper’s Partner Revenue Share framework that was recently voted in by the DAO.

We are excited to work with the Thor team in their new product offering.

Frax Bribes

Vesper has increased vote incentives to 1,250 VSP to FXS voters through Pitch. Voters can earn VSP rewards when they vote for our Vesper FRAX pool to receive weekly FXS emissions.

Vesper users can earn high APY when they deposit FRAX to the Vesper FRAX pool, then stake that deposit on Convex.


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Vespernauts Michael and Zane contributed to this report. Edited by Phil Gomes.



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