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This Week: Comparing Vesper’s APYs

Also: Pitch Vesper’s FRAX gauge, earn VSP

Vesper vs. Leading Yield Aggregator

Vesper enables you to put some of your TVL to work using some of DeFi’s most-audited smart contracts.

As co-founder Matthew Roszak explains here, we’re talking about more than fifty such audits:

The Vesper advantage doesn’t stop there, however. In our recent analysis, Vesper Grow pools consistently beat the leading DeFi yield aggregator by offering higher yields on leading tokens. When looking at the 30-day rolling averages of APY, we found the following tokens are outperforming the leading yield aggregator by a substantial difference.

What makes Vesper pools different? Our flexible, modular pool architecture contains multiple asset management strategy modules for a “set-and-forget” yield-generating experience. Learn more about Vesper pools and be sure to review Co-founder Jordan Kruger’s article on what it takes to deliver built-to-last, reliable DeFi experiences for bull and bear markets.

Pitching for Incentives

Our weekly pitch to the Vesper Frax pool (vaFRAX) continues on Pitch. FXS holders who allocate their voting weight to the Vesper Frax gauge earn a share of our weekly VSP boost.

Votes cast for Vesper allocate FXS to the Vesper FRAX pool. Users can take advantage of these rewards by depositing FRAX to Vesper, then staking their deposit on Convex. This strategy nets users high APY paid out as FRAX + FXS + VSP!

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Vespernauts Michael, Errin, and Zane contributed to this report. Edited by Phil Gomes.



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