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This Week: Frax Gauge Proposal, Vesper Orbit Dashboard, and More

Also: Vesper Orbit featured in The Defiant, AMA, Twitter Spaces, and a preview for next week

New Governance Proposal: vaFRAX Gauge

Vesper has proposed to add the Vesper Finance FRAX pool token (vaFRAX) as a supported FXS gauge on Frax Finance.

Following Frax’s addition to the Vesper Orbit app, the proposal provides another opportunity to deepen Vesper’s collaboration with Frax.

This addition would allow users to deposit onto the Frax app, and, in addition to their base $FXS yield, receive boosted yield in $VSP and $FXS (the governance token for Frax Finance).

Check out the full proposal.

AMA with Zane Huffman

Vesper Strategy Lead Zane Huffman joined Vespernauts for an insightful AMA which covered topics ranging from Vesper Orbit and NFTs to institutional adoption. Check out the full discussion in the AMA channel on Discord.

Some highlights:

Q: What are the next tokens for Vesper Orbit?

A: Looking to fill out all the high TVL, high APY stablecoins, and then support collaterals for those tokens. This will give us an expansive universe of “potential” pools (for Orbit or main app Aggressive). Timing on which tokens first in the short term comes down from which projects/teams are most interested in collaborating with us. For example, we’re in good shape for a FRAX gauge and finalizing details on a Tribe gauge as well.

Q: What do you think institutional adoption looks like? Web3 wallets or mainly custody services?

A: Custodial for institutions. White label integrations where you can be a user on whatever platform and click a button to earn APY on your holdings. It routes through Vesper without you having to do anything. And later, cold storages routing through Vesper.

Q: Why do you like NFTs so much?

A: I was really into the Rare Pepe community in the beginning of 2017. It was the first altcoin I really engaged with that showed me there were other use cases you could package into a token behind a dumb memecoin (my biggest dubs to date were quick flip ICOs and political memecoins like TrumpCoin and BernCash).

I wrote an article on Rare Pepe trading for Meme Insider and a bunch of artists sent me a “starter pack” of rare pepes. It was really awesome to be welcomed with such energy and it was a blast to trade rare pepes like digital trading cards.

I continue to like (some) NFTs. I don’t really see any of them as smart investments. I’ve gotten lucky on some and unlucky on others. My NFT investment thesis boils down to “does it make me happy?” whereas I am a very patient, well researched, technical, high conviction altcoin trader.

Stay tuned for next week’s AMA on Thursday, December 9. Additional details to come.

Twitter Spaces with Jeff Garzik

A recording of Co-founder Jeff Garzik’s recent Spaces is now available on YouTube.

During the session, Jeff shared a deeper look into Vesper’s newest product — Vesper Orbit — as well as his perspective on the current trends and future of DeFi.

The Defiant Features Vesper Orbit

This week’s DeFi Alpha newsletter included Vesper Orbit in a list of the top-three DeFi projects that currently enable users to earn yield on stablecoins.

Read the full newsletter.

Why Earn?

Leading up to the launch of Vesper Earn, Vespernauts are sharing their perspective on how the primitive will offer “a new way to DeFi.”

Have an Earn use-case in mind? Share it in Discord for a chance to be featured!

Vesper Orbit Now on Dune Dashboard

Vesper Orbit — a new product that gives users the opportunity to earn yield on some of DeFi’s most exciting tokens— launched on Nov. 23.

For a deeper look at Orbit data, check out Vesper’s Dune Analytics dashboard, which covers the DPI, FRAX, FEI, and alUSD pools.

As of this writing, the pools are pulling double-digit base-plus-reward APYs:

And, Finally…

Credit: 0xHolland


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Vespernauts Shazi_H, Errinvf, Green Jeff, and Simon_defi contributed to this report. Edited by Phil Gomes.



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