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This Week: Highlighting Security & Quality in Uncertain Times

Also: DeFi middleware strategy progresses

Commitment to Audits

The last few weeks have brought the stark differences between DeFi and CeFi to the forefront. At Vesper, we believe that participating in DeFi requires a duty of care that meets and even exceeds contemporary standards. A post-FTX world has made this mission vital.

What does this duty of care mean to us? Every single strategy created by Vesper is sent through a rigorous process of testing and auditing before any user funds are exposed. Every smart contract deployed has accompanying audits. We’ve now done this more than fifty times across all of our strategies.

We see our commitment to security and software quality as not only an investment in Vesper and its community, but the DeFi category at-large.

As to the former, Vesper has operated as designed and without loss of user funds throughout multiple chaotic markets and wild fluctuations.

As to the latter, Vesper has made it easier than ever for other DeFi protocols to inherit the investments we’ve made in verifying the quality of our smart contracts. Our commitments to software quality, combined with our revenue-share model and low universal fee, makes Vesper the ideal DeFi partner for other projects in this space.

In support of this, our commitment to auditing is now a featured element on our website, with a link to the audits themselves on GitHub.

Our growth team continues to reach out to other DeFi protocols with this message — it’s easier than ever to connect to some of the most well-examined smart contracts in DeFi while getting an APY boost along the way. The best way for DeFi protocols to get in touch is to reach out to the team on Discord.

Establishing Vesper as DeFi middleware

This week, we published Vesper “DeFi Middleware” in Action. This article outlines recent integrations with the likes of Convex, Frax, and others plus step-by-step instructions on how to participate in the “ABC + Vesper + XYZ” yield farming experience.

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Vespernauts Michael, Errin, and Zane contributed to this report. Edited by Phil Gomes.



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