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This Week: LINK Pools Go Live, VSP Emissions Overhaul VIP Passes, and More

Also: Vesper-on-Avalanche, new Vesper Earn pairs coming soon

LINK Marines: New Ways to Earn with Vesper

After a successful beta period, the LINK Vesper Earn pairs are now available on the main Vesper app. With Vesper Earn, users can deposit DAI and earn yield back in LINK (and vice-versa).

HODL’ing is an article of faith in the LINK Marine community. “DR;NS” (“Didn’t Read; Never Selling”) is a frequent retort for perceived FUD. With the LINK Vesper Earn pools, veteran Marines can put extra teeth in “DR;NS” and new recruits can start accumulating LINK through DAI yield.

All Vesper Earn pools have a 25% platform fee and zero fees upon depositing or withdrawing.

Read more on Vesper Earn.

The Aggressive Vesper Grow LINK pool (vaLINK) also joined the LINK family of Vesper pools. Similar to other Grow pools, vaLINK provides users more conventional yield — deposit a token and earn more of that token. Aggressive Grow pools are designed for more experienced DeFi users and generally trend toward a higher APY.

The vaLINK pool currently reflects a similar fee to its conservative counterpart: 0.6% on withdrawal and a 20% fee on yield.

vaLINK depositors will earn an additional 1,200 VSP for the first 30 days. Vesper Earn LINK pools will receive 600 VSP each. Further rewards are subject to the Vesper emissions framework.

The Votes are In: VSP Emissions Overhaul (VIP-17)

VIP-17 passed with 91% approval, introducing a new, global budgeting framework for VSP pool boosts. The proposal outlines a budget of up-to 27,500 VSP per months, earmarked as follows:

  • 12,500 VSP per month split across the top 8 performing pools (performance handled as APY x TVL). 2,500 VSP will be awarded for the top pool. The top two to three pools will receive 2,000 VSP. The top four to eight pools will receive 1,200 VSP.
  • Up-to 10,000 VSP per month to boost new and partner pools
  • Up-to 5,000 VSP per month to boost non-Ethereum pools

This reflects over 60% reduction in emissions and more effectively manages the budget for newly introduced pools.

This methodology was already applied to the most recent rewards epoch, which kicked off on January 19. See more details on Discord.

Vesper mStable Proposal

Vesper proposed the development of an incentivized Aggressive MUSD Grow pool that accepts mStable deposits. Those deposits would get converted to mUSD-CRV for liquidity and staked on Convex, with rewards auto-compounding.

Stakers with a position would also earn VSP and MTA rewards.

Learn more about the proposal.

Coming Soon to Beta

Vesper Earn: Deposit DAI, Earn PUNK or SHIB

Two new pairs will make it easier to gain access to fast-growing projects:

1) Deposit DAI, Earn PUNK: Interested in joining the world of CryptoPunks (on a budget)? Vesper Earn will soon enable users to deposit DAI and earn yield in fractionalized punk (PUNK).

2) Deposit DAI, Earn SHIB: For those who’ve considered enlisting in the SHIB Army, but prefer more stable assets, Vesper Earn will soon enable users to deposit DAI and earn yield in SHIB.

Users can now deposit DAI and earn yield in the form of SHIB with Vesper Earn.

Hold onto your DAI and gradually gain exposure to SHIB through yield — what’s not to love?

Track progress and find out when the pools go live with the roadmap page.

Vesper Grow on Avalanche

Advancing Vesper’s multi-chain vision, Vesper Grow will be available on the Avalanche network (in beta) within the coming weeks. Initial pools available on Avalanche will include Wrapped ETH (WETH), Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), AVAX, USDC, and DAI.

And, Finally…

Looking for weekend plans? 3D print your very own Vesper rocket. Here’s how.


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Vespernauts Shazi_H, Errinvf, and Green Jeff contributed to this report. Edited by Phil Gomes.



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