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This Week: mUSD Pool Goes Live, Vesper x CoinMetro Staking, and More

Also: Vesper Earn highlighted in DeFi Pulse Farmer

mStable Enters Vesper Orbit

Thanks to a joint effort between Vesper and mStable — autonomous and non-custodial infrastructure for pegged-value crypto assets — users can deposit mUSD into Vesper Orbit and earn rewards in mUSD, VSP, and MTA (mStable’s native token).

Originally proposed by Vesper and passed by the mStable community, the collaboration enables users to access yield opportunities without high gas costs or active management.

The new pool also delivers increased exposure for mStable, further incentivizes DeFi participants to hold mUSD, and continues to attract new TVL to mStable’s treasury with Vesper as an onramp.

Learn more.

Spotlight in DeFi Pulse Farmer

DeFi Pulse Farmer highlighted Vesper Earn’s programmable yield capabilities in its newsletter.

Here’s a preview:

Simply put, Vesper Earn lets you deposit in a DeFi token — e.g. DAI — and earn yield on that deposit denominated in another token — e.g. WBTC.

That’s not just a theoretical DAI-to-WBTC example, either! Right now DAI depositors on Vesper Earn can earn +11% APY denominated in WBTC, so if you’re looking for somewhere to park some stables and earn some bitcoin, this yield farm is one to consider.

Read the full newsletter.

Vesper x CoinMetro

Users can now deposit and stake VSP on CoinMetro!

Learn more about VSP staking on CoinMetro.

Jeff Garzik on Polygon Builder Series

Co-founder Jeff Garzik made an appearance on the latest edition of Polygon’s Builder Series.

A recording of the interview will be available soon.

Update — Upcoming VIPs

A series of VIPs designed to position Vesper for long-term success and sustainability will be released soon. These VIPs reflect industry best practices paired with Vesper’s thorough assessment of what’s working for others across the DeFi category (and what isn’t).

The VIPs will cover items including:

  • A fee structure overhaul;
  • VSP lockups for revenue share;
  • And treasury bonding

With this proposal, Vesper aims to set a new standard for tokenomics in DeFi.

Stay tuned for additional details.

Q&A with Nayat Cheikh

Catch w3bcreators’ latest Q&A with Vesper’s Lead Product Designer, Nayat Cheikh!

The Q&A covers topics ranging from Nayat’s always-learning mindset, to the approach she takes when designing for Vesper.

From the article:

DeFi products are very different from traditional finance ones, from the way people interact with them to the way they are built, so it becomes crucial to fully understand the needs of the people I am designing for and the fundamentals of the smart contracts my team mates built.

Read more.


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Vespernauts Shazia and Errin contributed to this report. Edited by Phil Gomes.



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