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This Week: mUSD Pool Rewards Go Live, Vesper @ mStable Twitter Spaces

Also: Meet with Vesper in Barcelona at Avalanche Summit!

MTA Rewards Begin Streaming

The co-launched mUSD Orbit pool has started delivering MTA rewards for users that deposited into the pool last week. MTA rewards are determined by voting, which takes place on a weekly basis.

The first 7 days equated to 1,442 MTA for depositors. These rewards may fluctuate from week-to-week.

Learn more about MTA voting.

Vesper x mStable Twitter Spaces

Vesper Strategy Lead Zane Huffman joined mStable on Twitter for their FridaySpaceTalk.

During the session, Zane shared a deeper look into Vesper as well as his perspective on the current and future environment of DeFi.

Listen to the discussion.

Vesper Grow Featured in Bankless

The Bankless weekly newsletter featured Vesper’s ETH Grow pools.

Read the full newsletter. Or better yet, check out the Grow pools on the Vesper app.

Polygon Builder Series Replay

Co-founder Jeff Garzik sat down with Polygon to discuss the impetus behind building Vesper and what products it has to offer today.

Watch the interview.

Vesper at Avalanche Summit

Heading to Barcelona for the Avalanche Summit? So is Vesper!

Co-founder Jordan Kruger will hit the summit stage for a keynote on March 23 to discuss the current and future evolution of DeFi as a core component of the global financial system.

Vesper will be in town the full week of the summit — reach out if you’re interested in meeting up.


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Vespernauts Shazia and Errin contributed to this report. Edited by Phil Gomes.



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