This Week: New Compound Grant Proposal, Blockforce Update, vaDAI Employs Vesper Lend in Strategies

Also: Matthew Roszak at DAS 2021 next week, Jordan Kruger at Messari Mainnet on Sept. 21, and an AMA with Michael McQuaid

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Sep 10 · 5 min read

Compound Grant Proposal

Vesper has collaborated with the Compound team on a joint grant initiative for an authorized Compound lending market fork called Vesper Island. The intention is to introduce another lending mechanism to the Vesper ecosystem using the battle tested Compound contracts.

Similar to Vesper Lend on Rari Fuse, Vesper Island will be an independent fork, governed by vVSP. It is an authorized-but-isolated lending market that does not share risk or resources with the flagship Compound market.

For the engineers reading this: The bounty for creating Vesper Island is set to a healthy $180,000 worth of COMP and VSP.

Multi-Strategy — vaDAI & Vesper Lend

The aggressive vaDAI beta pool has integrated Vesper Lend into its suite of strategies. This establishes the ability for Vesper to create its own yield opportunities: Vesper strategies deploy assets to the lending pool, enabling other strategies to leverage that for yield opportunities.

As Vesper integrates more tokens into Vesper Grow and Earn pools, the ability to create its own lending offerings by adding new assets to Vesper Lend provides a distinct advantage in servicing upcoming assets that aren’t yet integrated into the likes of Aave or Curve.

Interested in trying Vesper Lend? Here’s a step-by-step guide from Vespernaut, “redfalcon.”

Preparing for Liftoff — Blockforce/Vesper Growth Fund

Blockforce Capital CEO Eric Ervin confirmed that the first-of-its-kind Blockforce/Vesper DeFi growth fund is on track to launch later this month.

Just getting up-to-speed on the collaboration?

Blockforce will continue to keep Vespernauts apprised of the fund’s progress.

Weekly AMA — Michael McQuaid

The sixth installment of Vesper’s weekly Discord AMA series took place on Thursday with Community Manager Michael McQuaid.

Michael has been a tireless advocate for Vesper and has been responsible for some of our community’s big wins. Yesterday, he showed the Vespernaut community that there is so much more to him than one might see day-to-day.

A few highlights:

Q: When did you begin your crypto journey?

A: When Bitcoin was around $12, I had a friend tell me I should buy some. Sadly he didn’t explain blockchain, decentralization, or how Bitcoin might change the future of money. He just described it as ‘magical internet money,’ and I told him I thought it was stupid. BIG regrets.

I bought my first Bitcoin for around $450 a coin, but at the time it was just a mechanism to get money into online poker sites once the US made it difficult to load money using credit cards.

My real entrance into crypto came in the summer of 2017, right as things were starting to heat up. A friend invited me to participate in the Electroneum ICO. We received our tokens eight weeks after paying our entry, and the tokens started trading at 10x the price I bought in for. I was quickly hooked. I immediately expanded into Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Litecoin but it would be a number of months before I started understanding the technology or the impact it would have.

Q: What’s one community growth tactic that’s impressed you?

A: I have been really impressed with what Michael Coombe has done with the Vesper Ambassador Program. He assembled a great team of global ambassadors who have done an amazing job bringing together a global community — putting Vesper’s product and message in front of a lot of new eyes, and in a lot of different languages.

Q: What is your favorite food? Will you be eating any of it soon?

A: I am a huge foodie and there are few foods or genres of food I don’t enjoy. The most unique food that I love is Durian. I once spent an entire day dragging my wife around Thailand on a motorbike just to find one. I love seafood (lobster, oysters, fresh fish, sushi). Big fan of Indian food and all things Asian. Love Ethiopian! In college I was a fine dining server so I learned a lot about French cuisine. My grandmother is Sicilian so Italian is a given, and lastly, I live in wine country so food and wine are a big part of our culture. I hope to be eating ALL of it soon.

Next week’s AMA host will be announced soon. Stay tuned for additional details.

Vesper Onstage

Digital Asset Summit 2021

Less than one week to go until DAS 2021 in NYC! On Day 2 of the event (9/15), Co-founder Matthew Roszak will be taking the stage with fellow DeFi experts to discuss the convergence of centralized and decentralized market structures and the impact it’ll have on the future of finance.

And JFYI… here is our landing page for DAS attendees.

Messari Mainnet 2021

There are less than two weeks until Vesper makes an appearance at Messari Mainnet in New York City! On Tuesday, September 21, Co-founder Jordan Kruger will deliver updates on Vesper’s recent milestones and preview what’s ahead on the platform’s roadmap.

And Finally…

Some new art from Holland, dedicated to and inspired by DeFI Pulse and VSP’s recent inclusion in DPI.

Credit: 0xHolland


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Vespernauts Mikey, Michaelgmcquaid, Shazi_h, Rinnynp, and Green Jeff contributed to this report. Edited by Phil Gomes.

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