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This Week: New DAI-to-PUNK Earn Pair, QI and Native USDC on Avalanche

Also: Cast your vote for Vesper-on-Avalanche on DeBank!

Pools Galore — New Pools Now Live!

Deposit DAI, Earn PUNK

The latest Vesper Earn pair has arrived. Gain access to the world of CryptoPunks with Vesper’s DAI-to-PUNK pool. Deposit DAI, and auto-accumulate yield in fractionalized PUNK. It’s that easy.

This Earn pair joins several others available on Ethereum and Polygon.

Sound interesting? Try it out now.

Native USDC on Avalanche

Passively grow your native USDC with Vesper Grow-on-Avalanche. Coupled with Avalanche’s low fees, Vesper’s set-and-forget strategies make growing your Native USDC simple as can be.

Get started now.

Vesper is continuously expanding its list of products and pools to provide users with increased choice for how they earn yield. Here’s a look at what’s ahead.

QI on Avalanche

The aggressive QI Grow pool also joins the lineup of Vesper-deployed pools on Avalanche.

QI is BENQI’s governance token that represents voting weight for BENQI improvement proposals (BIPs). As BENQI decentralizes, QI holders will be able to draft BIPs and guide the protocol’s future.

Check out the pool.

Calling all DeBank Users

Do you use DeBank to track your multi-chain portfolio? Vote now to see Vesper’s Avalanche pools added to DeBank.

…And Finally

Whether you’re looking to grow your assets, transform them, or a combination of both, Vesper makes your assets work harder for you.

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Vespernauts Shazia and Errin contributed to this report. Edited by Phil Gomes.



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