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This Week: New FRAX-to-FRAXBP Earn Pair

Also: Cast your vote on Pitch, earn VSP

Now in Beta: Deposit FRAX, Earn FRAXBP

Vesper’s latest deployment comes out of a collaboration with Saddle Finance: A Vesper Earn pool where users deposit FRAX and earn yield paid out in Saddle FraxBP LP (FRAX + USDC).

This pool is one part of a Vesper-powered Saddle Finance metapool that will pair the deposit token for this Earn pool with FraxBP itself. This translates to a natively yield-bearing liquidity pool.

Such a buildout has the potential to solve one of the biggest questions in the AMM space: “How do you put idle TVL to work?” Working with Saddle Finance on a first-of-its-kind buildout, Vesper anticipates that this instance will serve as a test case for additional “Vesper Earn-powered” AMM pools in the future.

Frax Gauge Updates

Vesper is pitching! We’ve allocated an additional 1,00 VSP for the Frax gauge on Pitch. FXS votelockers can vote for the Vesper pool on Frax and earn VSP in return.

Vesper’s FRAX pool is an auto-compounding yield aggregator for FRAX. At the time of writing, Vesper’s offering close to 20% total APY (with potential to increase if you lock) when you deposit to Vesper then stake your deposit on Convex.

Between Vesper, Frax and Convex, users have the ability to earn industry-leading stablecoin yield. Today’s depositors are earning 9% spot APY on FRAX (3.5% average) and 10.5% total APY across FXS + VSP when they stake to Convex for a total of 19.5% APY!

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Vespernauts Errin and Zane contributed to this report.



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