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This Week: Prepare for Aug. 1 Vote — Revenue-share and Whitelisting

Also: Matthew Roszak speaks at the Bloomberg Crypto Summit, Zane Huffman at ETH Paris, an upcoming webinar with The Block, and Q2 in review

Proposal Goes Live To Whitelist 16 Crypto Assets, Approve Revenue Share Framework

On Friday July 22nd, a new proposal hit the Vesper Governance Forums outlining plans to whitelist an additional 16 crypto assets that can be used as deposit assets in current and future Vesper products.

This whitelist also includes a retroactive whitelisting of Avalanche assets, and sets a precedent for whitelisting on other chains into the future.

Proposed whitelisted tokens include: stETH, LIDO, mUSD, MTA, WOO, xWOO, PUNK, BAYC, JOE, xJOE, sJOE, YETI, YUSD, QI, sAVAX, and MKR.

Voting will take place for this proposal on August 1, along with the Revenue Share Framework proposal, previously covered last week.

Bloomberg Crypto Summit

Matthew Roszak shared the stage at the Bloomberg Crypto Summit on Tuesday July 19th taking on the topic, “Is DeFi Going to Weather a ‘Crypto Winter?’”

Bloomberg published the full video, with the panel including Mary-Catherine Lader (COO, Uniswap Labs) and John Wu (President, AVA Labs).

The full video is worth a watch, but we did happen to pull our favorite quote from Matthew (18’05” in):

Vesper … has been audited independently fifty times. Our next competitor was audited three or four times. So audits, clarity on risk, I think all these things that we can do as an industry, can improve the dialogue once regulators get their arms around this.

ETH Paris Wrap-Up

ETHCC took place this week in Paris. Zane Huffman represented Vesper, meeting with a number of our existing and prospective partners throughout the DeFi space and mingling throughout many of the side events that accompany the conference.

Zane reports back:

ETH Paris was an energizing experience. In these market conditions, those who stay engaged and show up are overwhelmingly in it for the long haul, regardless of what happens. The conversations feel much more genuine, our counterparts are overwhelmingly collaborative, and every project remaining has big ambitions that we plan to loop Vesper into as much as possible.


Vesper’s Q2 in Review was posted on July 20th, giving a full download of everything accomplished in the second quarter — along with some insights on what users can expect to see in Q3.

As we look back on Q2–2022, we see that Vesper’s early investments in quality and auditing gained increased resonance in the current crypto downturn. Vesper Earn — a one-of-a-kind DeFi product — is well-positioned to help users with new options for capital preservation while accumulating crypto as yield. Additionally, Vesper is now available on the Avalanche network, expanding the number of available networks to three, including Ethereum and Polygon.

Download the full report here

The Block Webinar

On July 26th @ 12pm ET, Matthew Roszak will join The Block for an online webinar discussing ‘DeFi resiliency in times of turmoil’.

Registration is now open for the Webinar. Click here to register


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Vespernauts Michael, Errin, and Zane contributed to this report. Edited by Phil Gomes.



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