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This Week: Strategies Under Works

Also: Incentives for pitching Vesper, automating Saddle metapool yield

New Strategies Incoming!

We are expecting a handful of strategies to return from audit next week. Those strategies are as follows:

So long as no major changes are required, TVL should ramp up into those strategies starting next week. These strategies together should translate to a significant uptick in APY across all Ethereum mainnet pools.

In the meantime, check out the list of available strategies.

Cast Your Vote for Vesper, Earn VSP

Vesper continues to bribe weekly on Pitch for the vaFRAX pool. FXS voters can put their weight into Vesper’s gauge on Frax and earn VSP in return. Our depositors to the vaFRAX pool can stake on Convex.

Total APY of FRAX + VSP + FXS exceeds 20% at the time of this writing.

Our innovative Saddle metapool is also now streaming SDL rewards. Deposit and stake on Saddle. We will soon be offering VSP rewards in addition to the SDL as well — earning users FRAX yield + SDL + VSP + trading fees on the pool.

Decentralizing Automation with Gelato

Our Saddle metapool is taking advantage of Gelato to stream yield earned to the LPers. Gelato enables users to automate transactions and smart contract calls in a decentralized manner. Gelato bots claim yield earned by the TVL attributed to the Saddle pool weekly.

More details to come.

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Vespernauts Errin and Zane contributed to this report. Edited by Phil Gomes.



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